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Rise of the Triad developers Interceptor Entertainment have bought 3D Realms

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Somebody has bet on Duke, which, 18 years after the last good Duke Nukem shooter, is something of a surprise. Interceptor Entertainment, developers of the Rise of the Triad remake, have bought 3D Realms, developers of... well, bits of Duke Nukem Forever. The two are rumoured to be collaborating on an upcoming action RPG, called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. They're also co-defendants in a lawsuit over unlicensed use of the Duke Nukem IP. Both have got plenty in common then, which makes for a solid foundation in their future relationship.

New Duke Nukem game from Rise of the Triad dev to be revealed Feb. 25

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A teaser website for a new Duke Nukem game has appeared at alloutofgum.com, referencing one of The King's cheesiest and well-known one-liners. A countdown clock indicates that more information will be revealed on February 25, though just a little bit of online snooping has already uncovered some details.

Humble Weekly Retro Shooter Bundle revisits late-90s shooter classics for a fistful of dollars

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The Humble Bundle continues to crank out the deals on a seemingly daily basis. Yesterday, Humble Indie Bundle 9 landed, and today the Humble Weekly Sale has arrived with a deal on some classic shooters like Shadow Warrior, Serious Sam, and Duke Nukem 3D. Paying more than $6.00 will also get you 2011’s flashy-but-troubled sci-fi shooter Hard Reset and the all-time classic System Shock 2.

Reinstall: Duke Nukem 3D

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Here’s an average five minutes in the boots of gaming’s testosteroniest action hero: jet-packing around a football stadium, deploying holographic decoys of yourself, chucking RPGs and pipe bombs at a cyclopean giant that has missile launchers for hands. After toppling the monstrosity, you punt its giant eye through a pair of uprights. Then, you get it on with a harem of blondes and brunettes.

Duke Nukem 3D is still gaming’s best popcorn shooter, and revisiting it reminds me of how seriously FPSes have taken themselves since. Its competition in the ‘90s had space stations, generic caves and Nazi castles—Duke 3D has XXX movie stores and filthy, usable bathrooms (OK, Duke also has space stations, but they’re filled with half-naked babes strapped to alien monoliths). Duke even visits a seismically unstable Grand Canyon, a poisoned river and a hot lava waterfall. As you climb through the jagged overpasses, the landscape can crumble—rerouting your course entirely. Pawing the walls within levels reveals hidden pop culture references like an eviscerated Doom marine, an impaled Indiana Jones and a dangling, legless Luke Skywalker.

Shadow Warrior teaser trailer announces the reboot that no one knew they wanted

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Shadow Warrior is a bit of a blip in the history of PC gaming. The 1997 FPS from the creators of Duke Nukem 3D attempted to parody bad kung fu movies by pouring Eastern themes all over Duke Nukem's technology.

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 edition: modders return the king to his throne

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The problem with Duke Nukem Forever - other than that it was bad - was that it didn't provide the classic FPS experience that Duke Nukem 3D fans wanted, while also failing to be a decent modern shooter in its own right. That's why this is such a beautiful thing: with Duke Nukem Forever 2013, modders Gambini and Mikko Sandt have created the "game that was meant to be". Which apparently means a Duke Nukem 3D mod.

Duke returns to his glory days with Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

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It's been 17 years since Duke Nukem 3D came out, and in that time - REPRESS - absolutely no disappointing sequels have been made. The Duke is long overdue for a comeback, then, and he does so in style today with the surprise release of Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. Devolver Digital - publishers of Hotline Miami - have teamed up with 3D Realms and indie developer General Arcade to, somewhat belatedly, bring DN3D to Steam. Well, better late than never. Included are the three expansion packs Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach, Duke: Nuclear Winter, and Duke It Out in D.C, but more excitingly they've also added SteamPlay support across PC and Mac, cloud saving and achievements, and they plan to add Steamworks-enabled multiplayer further down the line.

Face Off: What was the best decade for PC gaming?

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Face Off pits two gladiators against each other as they tackle gaming's most perplexing conundrums. This New Year's Eve edition is a chronological throw-down: which decade gave PC gaming the most? Podcast Producer Erik Belsaas says it was the '90s—the origin of modern PC gaming. Executive Editor Evan Lahti insists it was the '00s, with its speedy internet, better PCs, and shinier graphics engines.

GOG.com sale offering 75% off Bullfrog Bundle, plus free Duke Nukem and other discounts

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Oh lord, it's really happening. The Christmas sales are here. First out of the gate is GOG.com, purveyors of classic PC games and newer indie releases. And The Witcher 2, which doesn't quite fit either category.

For the next 22(-ish) hours, they're offering 75% off their Bullfrog Favourites collection. For $11.92, you get three Populouses, two Dungeon Keepers, Theme Hospital, Syndicate and Magic Carpet. While you have to get all the games to qualify for the full 75% off, any you already own will helpfully count to the total, with the price adjusting accordingly.

Intern Arena: Has Duke Nukem crossed the line?

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Last time on Intern Arena, Lucas narrowly edged out Anthony in a 60-40 split. But Anthony has a plan. He knows what he must do.

Anthony, sitting in a dark room, camera pans around him] He's the most the dangerous—and brilliant—criminal mind I've ever know. For years, I've been watching him, tracking him, studying his every move. I know his every mannerism, every facial tick, gesture. I know him better than he knows himself. And now, after all this time, I finally figured out a way to trap him.

I will become him.

Fan-made Duke Nukem game gets Gearbox's blessing

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Duke Nukem: Next Gen is a fan made project that aims to remake the original Duke Nukem 3D in the Unreal 3 Engine, and it’s being built with the support of the game’s publishers and developers. Read on to discover how the modders convinced Take Two to greenlight the game.