Starseed Pilgrim plants onto Steam on April 16

Phil Savage at

Starseed Pilgrim, the experimental 2D platformer and nominee for the IGF's Excellence in Design award, is getting a Steam release next week. Speaking to Joystiq, developer Droqen revealed the game would be available from April 16th, as part of Steam's deal to bring all IGF nominees to the platform. It's a game about creating bridges, destroying pathways and "embracing fate"... Or something. Based on the trailer, I'm not entirely sure what's going on.

Probability 0: an endless roguelike platformer that wants you dead

Tom Sykes at

The game takes its title from your chances of survival, so don't expect to come out of Probability 0 in one piece. This shadowy platformer is set in one endlessly scrolling screen filled with spiky things and enemies. Kill them to level up and earn new abilities; die and you'll have to start all over again. Thankfully, that shouldn't be as painful as it sounds. Like Spelunky, the game's layout is procedurally generated, the pit and its contents changing each time you descend into the abyss.