Drawn: Dark Flight

Into The Pixel 2011 collects incredible works of gaming art

Graham Smith at

Concept art is often beautiful, but even with a growing number of art books being bundled with collector's editions, it's just as often work that will never be seen by anyone outside of a game's development team. The Into The Pixel collection tries to change that. Organised by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the Entertainment Software Association, each year it selects some of the best pieces of gaming art, whatever the reason for its creation.

The 17 new pieces to be displayed at this year's E3 have just been released, and I've posted the PC-relevant images below, including work from Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect, Dragon Age 2, Alien Swarm and the unreleased Drawn 3. So pretty.

Drawn: The best adventure games you've (probably) never played

Lewis Denby at

You don't often hear about Big Fish's lovely Drawn adventure series. OK, The Painted Tower was awarded 83% by John Walker in PC Gamer, but what about the other Drawn games? The ones you've never heard of?

That game, and its remarkable sequel, Dark Flight, are some of the most brilliant adventures never to cause a stir on the mainstream PC gaming scene. Now, with a third game in production, two of their creators sit down with PC Gamer to discuss the development process, their attitude towards art design, and why they believe that imagination and creativity can overcome all odds.