Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest's latest patch introduces the ability to grow your own food—oh, and a dragon

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I like to think that the story behind Dragon Nest's newest update is that the Sea Dragon, having scornfully watched the hyper-cute, anime-soaked denizens of Althea frolic about obliviously for too long, has finally decided to rise from the waters to show them what MMOs are really about. And so, with the latest patch introducing the Sea Dragon as a new boss, Dragon Nest's capacity for epicness now aligns approximately with that of a low-level WoW raid.

Dragon Nest European closed beta now live, keys given away daily

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It's taken a while, but action-based anime MMORPG Dragon Nest has finally arrived in Europe, entering a closed beta yesterday. It's not that closed though, as you can slurp up beta keys every day until the MMO officially opens for business on 6 March.

Though the anime aesthetic is about 500% of your daily recommended twee allowance, the actual action promises to be pretty thrilling, dispensing entirely with queued attacks and auto-targeting in favour of fighting-game combos and twitch-shooter rapid-fire bow combat. It's all skill-based, so even the lowest level player can take on hardened veterans.

Dragon Nest's Tinkerer class takes on bad guys with a million-barrel gun

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Nexon just announced the next class for their cute-yet-deceptively-fierce action-combat MMO, Dragon Nest. The Tinkerer is all about big wrenches, bigger weapons, and using technology to bash her more fantasy weapon-inclined foes.

Nexon released gameplay and behind-the-scenes videos for the class. Take a look for more info on the new class.

Dragon Nest in-game goodies giveaway [US only]

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You put in your time with the family. You ate the cookies, you sat by the fire, you pretended that you could hear whatever grandma was mumbling just fine. But now it's you time. With skill-shot combat and an adorable anime-esque visual style, Nexon's action-MMO Dragon Nest is the perfect way to enjoy the rest of your holiday break. Battles aren't just passive skill rotations—you'll need to dodge attacks and string together combos if you want a chance at surviving. Yeah, cake-induced blood sugar spikes might set your reflexes back a bit, but you can give yourself an edge with a free digital bundle of Dragon Nest loot from Nexon itself.