Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin

Dragon Age multiplayer mode rumoured, built with Frostbite 2, lets players be dragons

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Those "industry insiders," what don't they know? One of them has slipped a few details to Kotaku about a possible multiplayer component for Dragon Age, saying that it's being built in Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine and already looks stunning. It's not known whether it's planned as part of Dragon Age 3, or whether it'll be a separate standalone release, but apparently it'll let us play as a dragon.

Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin launch trailer throws knives in your face

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Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin, is out, and it brings with it this acrobatic launch trailer. Mark of the Assassin is the second piece of DLC for Dragon Age 2, and stars actress Felicia Day as Tallis, an elven assassin, who is seen here leaping, stabbing and... kissing Hawke? It certainly appears so, although the trailer cuts away before we see any smooching.

There's also some more shots of those wyvern riding conquistadors Tom S was so impressed by. You can get Mark of the Assassin from the Bioware website for 800 Bioware points, or £6.19 in sensible money.

Dragon Age: Redemption trailer teases upcoming web series

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Machinima have the trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age web TV series, Dragon Age: Redemption. Star of The Guild, Felicia Day plays the same elf rogue that she voices in the upcoming Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC. It's one of those teasers that varies violently between intriguing and naff. The huge, dark city of Kirkwall looks great, the spurts of CG blood, not so great. Co-ordinated cartwheeling, also not so great. Evil Qunari wizard costume, very not great. Perhaps the six part web series can surprise us when it kicks off on October 11.

The Mark of the Assassin DLC looks a lot more interesting, as it features huge scaly monsters, and involves pulling off a high fantasy heist to acquire a mysterious crystal from a fortress of Orlesian Chevaliers. That's also out next Tuesday. See the latest Mark of the Assassin screenshots for a glimpse of one of those massive monsters. It'll be interesting to see if the web series storyline will interweave with the events of Mark of the Assassin.

Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin screenshots show Conquistador riding Wyvern

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Whatever you liked or disliked about Dragon Age 2, it's painfully obvious that there weren't enough Conquistadors riding Wyverns. That is a problem that the next slice of DLC, Mark of the Assassin, hopes to correct. See the monster below, along with two other screenshots showing Hawke dramatically throwing a knife into a man's chest from easy stabbing distance, and a dim fortress exterior.

In Mark of the Assassin, you team up with a feisty elf played by Felicia Day, and must hunt down a mysterious gem housed within that dim fortress, which happens to be protected by Orlesian Chevliers, some of which seem to be riding monsters. See the Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin trailer for an overview. It's due out next Tuesday October 11.

Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC announced, out next month

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An invitation, an ambush, a mysterious jewel to steal, that's the set up for the new slice of Dragon Age 2 DLC, which looks like a high fantasy heist movie set in the Free Marches. We'll get to team up with a new character, an elf voiced by Felicia Day, writer and star of the guild, and star of the upcoming Dragon Age web series. All the details we know so far come from the trailer above, from Gametrailers, which shows new monsters, environments and an army of Orlesian Chevaliers. Mark of the Assassin is out on October 11.