Double Fine Adventure

Broken Age Act 1 releases early for Kickstarter backers next Tuesday

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Double Fine's split-in-half and then split-in-half-again adventure Broken Age will be released next week for its Kickstarter backers - or its first act will, anyway. Tim Schafer revealed as much on twitter over the course of a couple of tweets, which also promised that the game's "public release date will be announced then too". The Steam Early Access release - which, too, contains only Act 1 - is expected to appear a couple of weeks after backers get their hands on it, while the full, two-act-long game is due sometime this Spring. It is a slightly confusing situation, yes.

Double Fine: "We're rooting" for Valve and SteamOS

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Valve's vision of a Steam Machine in every living room is generating plenty of excitement, not only from gamers, but also developers. Double Fine, for example, is "rooting" for Valve's success. Double Fine vice president of business development, Justin Bailey, and brand manager Greg Rice, told PC Gamer that the creators of Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and the upcoming Broken Age are ready for SteamOS, and excited about the prospects of Steam moving into the living room.

Broken Age running out of money, Double Fine to use Steam Early Access for more

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Broken Age - formerly just 'Double Fine Adventure' - counts among the biggest Kickstarter successes. Arguably it's what *ahem* kickstarted the crowdfunding service as a legitimate avenue for small teams and their wild, inventive, or, (more often than not) nostalgic ideas. It's also the third most funded game on the service, raising over $3.3 million. Despite all this, Double Fine have revealed that they're running out of the money needed to continue development of their adventure game 'revival'.

Broken Age's first trailer shows its adorable twin worlds

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As always when it comes reporting on the high-octane, action-packed world of PC gaming, I've attempted to select the most thrilling screenshot from this first trailer for Broken Age, the adventure game formerly known as Double Fine Adventure. And what could be more exciting than a Red Alert? On a spaceship?! The effect is admittedly spoiled by the bored nonchalance of the cereal chomping co-star. Damn it! The whole thing is just too... lovely.

The Double Fine Adventure gets a new name and website

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Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure, aka. Codename: Reds, aka. That Kickstarter Project That Made All of The Money now has a new, final, name for it to also be known as: Broken Age. As a result of my warped view of game development, it is 40% more real now that it has been named.

There's a website, too (making it a further 10% more real), which gives a brief plot outline for the adventure, and also lets anyone not among the original 87,142 Kickstarter backers pre-order both the game and 2 Player Productions' fine development documentary.

Psychonauts 2 won't be funded by Notch

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It was almost a year ago to the day when Notch publicly proposed to Tim Schafer. No, not that sort of proposal. This one: "Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen."

But any plans for a follow up to Tim Schafer's weird and inventive platformer were put on hold when Double Fine launched an adventure game Kickstarter. Now, in a thread on Reddit thread, the Minecraft creator has revealed that he'll no longer be funding a Psychonauts sequel.