Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock trailer introduces classic villains

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It looks like the new Doctor Who game from Supermassive Games will only use two of the four dimensions the Doctor is accustomed to. There are plenty of villainous cameos from Who foes old and new, and it looks like there'll be some stealth bits with the latest series' creepiest monsters, The Silence. It'll be out in March. No word yet on a price. You can follow The Eternity Clock on Twitter for the latest Doctor Who game announcements and you can follow The Talking Clock for the very latest news on what time it is in London.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock incoming, explore time and relative dimensions in space "soon"

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The BBC have sent word that a new Doctor Who game is hurtling through time and space towards our hard drives. It's called Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and will be available as a digital download "soon." The teaser trailer above shows the Tardis tumbling through a clock the size of the universe. It's probably a figurative bit of visual flair, but the idea of fizzing through the galaxy in the Doctor's blue box, popping in the clockwork of the cosmos is a good one, and a fitting task for a Time Lord.