Watch Dogs trailer shows off Season Pass content, explosion-happy protagonist

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As a fellow hacker-warrior in Watch Dogs, T-Bone has a special complementary relationship to gruff nerd Aiden Pearce's vigilantism. Where Pearce douses for critical data within ctOS's sprawling net, T-Bone taps a few keys on his phone and blows up a bunch of cars. When Pearce draws heat from the law and kills power to a city block to sneak away, T-Bone shoots at a bunch of cop cars. Which blow up. I'm sensing a pattern here—and I'm sure there's more to T-Bone beyond detonations and dreadlocks—but finding out more means nabbing the $20/£12 Season Pass for the single-player DLC, as Ubisoft's latest trailer reveals.

Titanfall Expedition DLC map War Games revealed

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I’ve already put 81 hours into Titanfall. It’s been hard to play anything else, but I promised myself I’ll take it easy until the first DLC, Expedition, is released. It will add three new maps: Swamplands, in which you’ll wallrun on trees (barkrun?), Runoff, which sounds sewer-themed, and War Games, which takes place in Titanfall’s training simulator. So far we’ve only got the smallest peek at Swampland, but today Respawn gave us a thorough breakdown of War Games.

Watch Dogs Season Pass adds single-player campaign with new playable character

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Watch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin previously said that it will take the average player 35-40 hours to get through the game’s story. Doing everything, he said, will take about 100 hours. If he’s accurate, that’s a lot of game, and even if that doesn't sound like it will keep you satisfied, there’s also enough DLC content coming to warrant a season pass. Today, GameStop updated Watch Dogs’ product page with some details about what it will include.

Arma 3's Win DLC out now, launch trailer isn't kind to helicopters

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The majestic helicopter gets a bit of a raw deal in the following trailer for Win, Arma 3's third and final piece of campaign DLC. Also on Bohemia's hitlist: buildings, and people in a rival army to the one you're fighting in. Those guys are just the worst. Win continues the story of soldier Ben Kerry, asking players to "deploy all the skills and experience they've gathered to bring the flashpoint to a resolution". They could have almost called it 'Operation Flashpoint', but I have a feeling that name might be already taken. If you own the game on Steam it should have automagically been updated by now, bringing with it a bunch of sandbox content which I'll list after the break.

Path of Exile's Vaal trailer is like a big pack of fireworks going off at once

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Free-to-play-but-not-shit action RPG Path of Exile has a new "mini-expansion" in the works, and it's coming in a tantalising four days' time. Will it involve clicking on enemies until their skin flies off and that shortsword they swallowed clatters bloodily to the ground? Well duh. Until now we didn't know much more than that, but a new trailer should help illuminate matters - literally, thanks to all the exploding spells, exploding guts and other exploding things contained therein. Gaze in wonder at the portentous, thrilling and tetratitted video after the break. [UPDATE: Vaal has been fully detailed on the Path of Exile site.]

Chill out with Batman: Arkham Origins' Cold, Cold Heart DLC April 22

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Cold, Cold Heart, an open world, story-driven piece of DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins will focus on Mr. Freeze. The DLC will delve into the origins (ding!) of the villain, and will play like a “mini-chapter” in the main game. This is a different approach than the Initiation DLC, which WB Games’ Ames Kirshen said played more like a challenge map with a little bit of narrative to tie it together.

Total War: Rome II Beasts of War DLC's new units anger community

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The Creative Assembly has released the Beast of War DLC for Total War: Rome II. It costs $3 and adds seven new units to the game, like Celtic Warhounds and Camel Cataphracts, but some players are angry that the units are not as new as they may appear.

Company of Heroes 2 adds new server system and map in Aftermath update

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Multiplayer lag is the primary enemy of Company of Heroes 2's new Aftermath update. Launched yesterday, the RTS's new features boast an improved server system that should bring a better, more stable experience to the online battlefield, according to developer Relic Entertainment. Aftermath also includes new combat balancing, a community-made map, and a more efficient surrender mechanic.

Don't Starve's Reign Of Giants DLC gets diminutive new teaser

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Do armies of spiders bend to your cruel will? Are you already a slum landlord presiding over a bustling village of indentured pig serfs? Is your savannah refuge stocked with so many ice boxes and dragon pies that the very idea of starving long since became laughable?

If so, my hubristic wilderness wanderer, then the new ‘Reign Of Giants’ DLC for Don't Starve is going to be for you. After a slew of free updates, this is the first piece of paid content for Klei's procedurally-generated permadeath-risking survival sandbox – although it’s still unclear how much the update will cost, when it will arrive, or what will actually be in it. Huh.

Final Borderlands 2 DLC announced, titled Sir Hammerlock Versus the Son of Crawmerax

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It's going to be hard to say goodbye, but 2K has announced that Sir Hammerlock Versus the son of Crawmerax will be the last piece of DLC for Borderlands 2. Set to release via Steam on April 15, this fifth Headhunter pack will sell for $3.

BioShock Infinite - Burial At Sea: Episode 2 gets a spoilery behind-the-scenes video

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Ever since Irrational Games announced that its BioShock Infinite downloadable content would take place in Rapture, fans have speculated about how the worlds in the BioShock franchise could be connected. As we get ever closer to the release of Burial At Sea Episode 2, a new, very spoilery video starts to hint at answers—while showing off a whole host of returning characters from both Rapture and Columbia.

Seriously, spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

State of Decay's upcoming Lifeline DLC adds new map, keeps hordes of undead

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Open-world zombie survival sim State of Decay is getting more DLC. But like friendly neighbors in a post-apocalyptic world, details are hard to come by at the moment. What we do know from developer Undead Labs is that the new content carries the name "Lifeline" and will debut a new map.

Latest Humble Bundle discounts Sid Meier's greats like Civ 4 and Railroads

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Sid Meier. Sid Meier. Sid Meier. If you say Sid Meier three times, well, he won't exactly pop out of your bathroom mirror, but at least you'll be prepared for seeing the name of one of PC gaming's developer grandmasters festooned across the newest offering from Humble Bundle which focuses on a selection of terrific turn-based strategy titles.

Arma 3's second campaign episode due next month, more content coming next week

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Arma 3 is a bit good, as opined in greater detail in our review. But it's also a bit lacking in campaign content, for the time being at least. Thankfully, things will change for the better when the second of the game's three campaign episodes releases next month - on January 21st to be exact. Following on from the first part, 'Survive', Adapt will feature "more open and unorthodox scenarios" and a "much stronger enemy", which must be a nice thing to hear if you've dedicated your life to enemyhood. If you can't wait till January and you want to play with Adapt's new toys now, however, Bohemia have you covered: on December 11th, its new weapons and vehicles will automagically be downloaded to your game folder via Steam. More details below.

Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC, patch out today

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Developer DICE today released a patch for Battlefield 4, as well as the China Rising DLC, which it celebrated with another very explody trailer.

Batman: Arkham Origins Initiation DLC sends you to North Korea

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Because it's the Dark Knight, it doesn't surprise me that the latest Batman: Arkham Origins DLC ships you off to a place where "there is no room for your self-righteous Western morality." Well alrighty then. Dubbed "Initiation," the latest DLC is a challenge map pack that pits Bruce Wayne against a series of martial arts obstacles high in the mountains of North Korea.

State of Decay Breakdown released, main game 50% off for the next day or so

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Zombie-based zombie-'em-up (featuring zombies) State of Decay has released its first expansion, Breakdown, which unshackles the survival aspects from the story, letting you endlessly plunder the game's world as you see fit. Bleed one instance dry and you'll find yourself in the next, and then the next, with the difficulty upped to make it harder each time. As it was only released yesterday, Breakdown is not taking part in the Steam Autumn Sale, although its main game is - State of Decay is currently half-price for the next day or so.

State of Decay's sandboxy expansion arriving November 29th

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Open world zombie survival game State of Decay took its sweet time coming to PC, but you can't say the same about its first chunk of additional content: the long-teased Breakdown DLC. Breakdown will hit a certain last-gen console and past-current-and-future-gen PCs on November 29th, which is when zombies traditionally celebrate the festive period. (They have zombie reindeer and a zombie Santa and everything - it's really quite lovely, actually.) What is in, on, or under Breakdown's bonnet, you ask? Why, a new, pretty-much-endless sandbox mode, along with "new achievements, survivors and weapons". All that and a bag of chips (warning: game might not contain chips) can be yours for $6.99.

BioShock Infinite DLC trailer leaves you with a Big Daddy and a bunch of questions

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With BioShock Infinite it only makes sense to have more questions than answers. Thankfully the launch trailer for the shooter's new DLC—Burial at Sea, Episode One—fills that role nicely. We see the expected, and very stylish, film noir vibe dialed up to 11, but there's also a sense of dread lurking under the surface.

Unity of Command's new DLC takes a Black Turn with 1941 German invasion

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After seeing red it only makes sense to fade to black. Unity of Command is getting a new DLC campaign, Black Turn—Operation Barbarossa 1941, which focuses on German operations on the Eastern front after last year's Soviet-centered Red Turn. Although historical details behind the massive—and notorious—military action are well-known, it looks like the Black Turn's end game allows for a "what if" result.