Dino D-Day

You have one day to grab a free Steam key for Dino D-Day, new giveaway tomorrow

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Our huge five-week multi-million Bundle Stars Steam key giveaway rumbles gloriously onwards. Tomorrow at 5PM BST we'll be giving away a new game, which gives you one last day to grab the amusing World War 2 dinosaurs vs. allied forces World War 2 shooter, Dino D-Day. You get to play as a T-Rex, or a velociraptor fighting on the side of axis forces. It's something you should experience at least once, so grab a free Steam key while you still can.

PC Gamer Presents: Dino D-Day revisited

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If you are one of the lucky millions fortunate enough to have your mind blown by seeing Jurassic Park in the theaters, then Dino D-Day is a game tailored specifically for you. Unfortunately, this nostalgic, Source-modded cream dream—featuring flying raptors, exploding compies and a machinegun-mounted T-Rex!—somewhat failed to set the web on fire during its initial release. However, an enormous update late last year (as well as a recent PCG screening of those delicious Jurassic Park Blu-rays) reignited our passion for NAZI DINOSAURS something fierce!

Move over, Rosie the Riveter. Dinos coming through!

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What if Hitler cloned a giant army of dinosaurs to fight for him during WW2? If you mounted two turrets onto a T-Rex's face, could it still chuck bombs only using his huge mouth? These kinds of questions used to only be answered in our dreams, but thanks to the open-minded dev team behind Dino D-Day, we now do daily epic battle with Nazi dinosaurs during waking hours as well. This far-out FPS lets you enlist in either the dino-heavy Axis team or the gun-wielding Allies for an explosive, all-out deathmatch for supremacy.

The dev team's made some glorious propaganda posters for this alternate reality war, and we have high-res versions of the five best right here. Let them them stomp around as your background. And make sure you don't let your grandpa, who actually served in the war, see them—he just won't understand.

Indie Royale Xmas bundle launches, now with more dinosaurs

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Everyone and their dog-eardrum-bursting grocery store holiday music may be taking on a seasonal theme right now, but I think it's fair to say that every season is indie bundle season. Case in point: The Indie Royale Xmas Bundle is the 46752th indie bundle I've reported on—or somewhere thereabouts. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Four excellent indies for (as of now) four bucks? If that's somehow upsetting, you may just be the unholy offspring of Ebenzer Scrooge and the Grinch.

Currently, the bundle's offering Dino D-Day, Eets, The Oil Blue, and The Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered. As per usual with Indie Royale, the price fluctuates depending on whether you beat the minimum or pinch your pennies so tightly that Abraham Lincoln angrily asks just what the hell your problem is. As such, it's a good idea to make your purchase ASAP, as the price is almost certain to increase.