Men of War finds time for one more WWII campaign - Assault Squad 2 out now

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If I was in charge of Digitalmindsoft - and when the Zoltar machine finally grants my wish, I will be - I'd ditch all the subtitles and dub every entry in their apparently quite good RTS series simply 'Men of War', perhaps in an increasingly bold font in order to emphasise just how perfect a title it is. Men of War. Men of War. It tells you everything you need to know not just about Digitalmindsoft's squad-based strategy game but also about all the Battlefields, and all the Call of Duties. Of course, my plan would unravel when it came to actually buying those games, so perhaps it's for the best that the great Zoltar hasn't emBiggened me quite yet. Anyway. Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is out now on Steam, its Early Access period having come to a close.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 available through Steam Early Access

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Last month, DigitalMindSoft made Men of War: Assault Squad 2 available to those who pre-purchased the game. Now you can get into the beta with Steam Early Access. The game usually costs $35, but it’s currently being offered for $28, a 20 percent discount.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 open beta available with pre-purchase

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DigitalMindSoft's Men of War: Assault Squad 2—a follow-up to its infantry-heavy standalone expansion—is now in open beta, but you'll have to spend a little money to get in. The game's regular price is set at $35/£25, though it's currently offered at a 20 percent discount for $28/£20.

Men of War complete catalogue gets bundled up and sold for cheap

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Here's another casualty in the internet's extended and ferocious war on prices. Bundle Stars, one of the many hundred financial death squads that roam the digital battlefield, have rounded up the Men of Wars and are holding them to ransom. Of course, because they're a bundle seller, that ransom is exceedingly reasonable, and gets you every game in the RTS series and their collective DLCs.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 announced, promises more war, men, squads and assaults

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"More war, war men!" shout the RTS fans, who have become increasingly hungry for fresh humans to tactically expend through glorious battle. Men of War developers DigitalMindSoft are in the ideal position to answer these cries, and have done so by announcing Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - a follow-up to their infantry-heavy standalone expansion.

Call to Arms, the "true successor" to Men of War, starts funding drive

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DigitalMindSoft, the co-developers of the Men of War series, have announced what they are calling its "true successor," Call to Arms. As is tradition for developers who have spent too long wandering the grim battlefields of World War 2, this time they're taking a trip to the present.

"Like you, we fought countless battles across Europe," they write, hopefully referring to their previous game, "but time stops for no man and change is coming. The era of modern warfare has begun!"

Men of War: Assault Squad review

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If Assault Squad was an MG 42 it would need a barrel change about every three minutes. ‘Ferocious’ doesn’t begin to describe the bloody bullet ballets served-up by this semimarvellous semi-sequel.

Instead of sending our favourite WWII tactics title in years back to the front with a conventional campaign in its kit bag, Digitalmindsoft have equipped it with something called ‘Skirmish’. There’s still a heap of singleplayer missions (16), but now all scenarios rely on the same push-push-PUSH! play mechanism.

You start at one end of a long battlefield with a knot of infantry under your wing. By pushing forward and seizing the control flags that dot the terrain, reinforcement points are earned, and new force types unlocked. A gain might release a new armoured car or infantry flavour. It may also trigger a brutal counter-attack. These retaliatory thrusts, combined with the fact the AI is usually dug-in deeper than an agoraphobic tin miner, mean victories sometimes take hours to secure. Even on ‘easy’ you’ll need stamina and skill to prevail.

Men of War: Assault Squad open beta is go

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Men of War may be one of the most generic sounding game names ever devised, but this is a unique and challenging RTS series that blends incredibly detailed troop micromanagement with huge battles spanning entire towns. The latest entry into the series, Assault Squad, is holding an open beta now on Steam, so if you haven't had a chance to try Men of War's intense cocktail of massive tanks, fragile soldiers and extremely questionable voice acting then you're in luck. Read on for the full details.