Die By The Sword

GOG offering pay-what-you-want Interplay bundle of nostalgia

Omri Petitte at

If one word encapsulates PC gaming's might during the 1990s, it's "Interplay." And maybe "Blizzard" or "Valve." OK, so a lot of words work. Still, the memory-generating might of the pack of 32 DRM-free Interplay games offered by GOG is probably the best trip back to a time when the internet was a fad and knowing your exact baud rate propelled you to the highest tier of your school's social hierarchy. Best of all: You pay what you want.

Before Call of Duty: Treyarch's experimental fantasy game

Graham Smith at

I'm fascinated by what developers did before they became famous. Peter Molyneux's first company wasn't a games developer, and it failed, but he had so much fun running a business that his first game was a management simulator called The Entrepeneur. Before DICE hit it big as the creators of Battlefield, they made the excellent Pinball Fantasies. And before Treyarch became the keepers of Call of Duty, they made a third-person sword-fighting game where you controlled the sword directly by moving the mouse.

The game is Die By The Sword, released in 1998. It's sort of incredible, filled with the kind of ingenuity you'd hope for from a new company. It's also got the same lunatic flailing as Trespasser, released the same year. Since the descriptions sounded great - and Tom got all excited when I mentioned it - I've bought a copy and started playing. I've taken video of the game's intro and my first pathetic sword-swinging attempts below.