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Diablo 3 gets a new game director

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Diablo 3 's new game director, Josh Mosqueira, got his start at Blizzard working to convert the popular and controversial action-RPG for console play, according to a new blog post. Mosqueira writes that some possible upcoming tweaks include changes to character customization and loot drops, as well as a reduction of the auction house's effect of the game.

Diablo 3 one year anniversary infographic unleashes hellishly huge numbers

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Diablo 3 has been out for just a little over a year, and Blizzard has burned the cooldown on its Infernal Horadric Ring of Visualizing Statistics to bring us the infographic inside this post. Among the notable figures: Players have spent over 930 years of play time in D3 collectively, the average number of daily players is over two million, and about 67 million characters have been created in total.

Diablo 3's auction houses back in bidness, gold-duping exploit now fixed

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Blizzard announced yesterday that Diablo 3's auction houses had been put back online, after a gold-duplication exploit introduced by a recent patch caused them to temporarily shut up shop. The bug has now been fixed and gold trading is once again possible, according to Production Director John Hight in the accompanying forum post, which goes on to explain exactly what happened with the bug, and how Blizzard have responded over the last few days. Long story short: 85% of the illicit gold has been recovered, and all proceeds from auctions conducted by now-banned or suspended players has been given to charity.

Blizzcon 2013 tickets go on sale next Wednesday

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Blizzard's annual fan convention, Blizzcon, is November 8 and 9 this year. As you might expect for a gathering focused on such monoliths of PC gaming as Starcraft and Warcraft, tickets tend to go pretty fast, so if you're looking to join in the scramble, you should know that tickets go on sale next Wednesday, April 24, at 7 p.m. Pacific. A second batch will become available Saturday, April 27 at 10 a.m. Pacific. The cost this year is $175 per person.

GDC 2013: Diablo 3 auction house "really hurt the game," says Jay Wilson

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Well, this is a surprise. During a panel talk at GDC (via Joystiq), former Diablo 3 Lead Designer Jay Wilson addressed head-on the ongoing controversy of the game's gold and real-money auction houses, saying the markets ultimately "really hurt the game."

Diablo 3 devs want to make co-op farming not suck

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Diablo 3 team plans to tweak Legendary/Rare items, further de-emphasize auction house

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When we last checked in with Blizzard about the state of Diablo 3, a great cheer went up across Sanctuary as it put forth the clear goal to move away from auction house farming as a core mechanic. A new dev blog has just rolled off of the brimstone-scented presses, further detailing these plans, as well as some potential solutions to Rare and Legendary items that should make fewer of them seem like more trash with a differently-colored name.

The PS4 version of Diablo 3 may have offline co-op, no word on PC equivalent

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In a video which has now been removed from YouTube (via the RPS forums), a Blizzard rep announced the addition of offline, shared-screen co-op to the PlayStation 4 port of Diablo 3. Whether this is strictly co-op, or will allow single-player offline as well, wasn't specified, but it seems odd that offline play would be present and restricted to co-op. There's no word on whether the feature will make it to PC, and Blizzard tells PC Gamer that it is not yet ready to share anything on the subject.

Diablo III sales and World of Warcraft subscriber count revealed in Activision earnings report

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Buried among the dividend dealings and funny terms (challenge: use "Generally Accepted Accounting Principles" in normal conversation) of Activision's latest report to its shareholders are two intriguing info-nuggets for a pair of Blizzard mega-franchises: Diablo III sold more than 12 million copies through the end of 2012, and subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria dropped to 9.6 million according to "internal estimates" at the publishing giant.

Blizzard: "We acknowledge Diablo III needs to be a better game"

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Blizzard has spoken before on the need to shape up Diablo III's grindy end-game and gear issues. Now, in an official forum thread (via PCGamesN) collating a sizable pile of player concerns and requests, Community Manager Vaneras acknowledged the RPG "needs to be a better game" overall but re-iterated its intention as a sequel with a standalone identity instead of "an HD version of Diablo II."

Blizzard assures continued improvement of Diablo III character identity beyond loot

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Blizzard's inclusion of a contentious real-money auction house in Diablo III made nabbing items easier, but many players feel the gear-centric end-game and a simplified skill tree leaves their characters defined only by what they wear. In a forum post today, Blizzard Community Manager Grimiku stated the studio will continue addressing these complaints until everyone is satisfied.

Face Off: Are modern games difficult enough?

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Are hard-as-hell indie games enough to satiate our hunger for a challenge, or should mainstream developers quit trying to appease everyone and start really testing us? In this Face Off from our archives (originally published October 2012), Executive Editor Evan Lahti gives former Senior Editor Josh Augustine a hard time for his willingness to take it easy.

Diablo III Director's departure prompts community ire, Blizzard's Rob Pardo responds

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When Diablo III's director, Jay Wilson, announced he was leaving the game's team to work on another unspecified Blizzard project, the community's reaction was intense. While many expressed gratitude for Wilson's work, wishing him well in his future role, others used the forum thread as a platform for vehement criticism of both the game and of Wilson himself. In response to the vitriol, Blizzard's Chief Creative Officer, Rob Pardo, made a candid reply to the community, saying, "If you still feel the need to dish out blame, then I would prefer you direct it at me."

Diablo III Director Jay Wilson leaves team for other Blizzard projects

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In a lengthy post on Blizzard's official forums, Diablo III Director Jay Wilson has announced his departure from the team he led for seven years to pursue another unspecified project at Blizzard. "I've reached a point creatively where I'm looking forward to working on something new," he writes. "This decision was not an easy one for me, and not one I made quickly, but ultimately it's what I feel is right."

Blizzard fixing Diablo 3 votekick exploit for Hardcore difficulty

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During co-op play in Diablo III, players can call for a vote to kick party members as a measure against troublemakers. A successful vote locks the offending player in place for 10 seconds before booting him or her, but forum complaints cite griefers vote-kicking innocent players in Hardcore games, resulting in a costly death from swarms of monsters. Posting on the official forums, a Blizzard Community Manager stated a fix is on the way to remove the timer entirely.

Blizzard rumoured to be working on Linux port of "at least one" of their titles

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With Valve positioning themselves at the forefront of bringing big-name PC titles to Linux, and indies quietly supporting it for ages now, Penguin-enabled gaming must be looking increasingly attractive to developers. Phoronix are reporting that Blizzard are working on an Ubuntu port of one of their games, set to release sometime this year.

Diablo 3 Team Deathmatch shelved, PvP dueling to debut in patch 1.07

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If you've been anxiously awaiting Team Deathmatch mode in Diablo III, you should probably stop. In a blog update posted today by lead designer Jay Wilson, he confirms that the mode (which has been playable at past BlizzCons, even before Diablo III's release) is currently "not up to the quality that Blizzard gamers expect or that we feel you deserve" and that "we will be shelving it for now and exploring other options."

Diablo 3 account bans issued to "several thousand" players using bots

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It's a bad month to be a bot. First Guild Wars 2's struck a "decisive blow" in the name of humanity, banishing 34,000 bots from Tyria. Now Blizzard are sending the autonomous avatars straight to hell, and banning the players they worked for to boot.

Blizzard "has no plans" to turn Diablo 3 into an eSport

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If, like the fiery Butcher above, you're a bit vexed at the prolonged absence of PvP within Diablo 3, this spot of news probably won't sate your wrath. During a press conference held at Blizzard's Battle.net World Championship in Shanghai last weekend (via Gaming Blend), CEO Mike Morhaime revealed the studio holds "no plans" to bring the hack-and-crawl RPG into competitive tournament play.

Blizzard confirms Diablo III expansion; StarCraft 2 pack for "early 2013"

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