Blizzard admits Diablo 3's endgame is lacking: "We know it's not there right now"

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Blizzard Community Manager, Bashiok, has been discussing Diablo 3's endgame on their official forums. Posting on the "Endgame Solutions" thread, he's admitted that "the item hunt is not enough for a long sustainable end-game."

Blizzard's Diablo 3 experiments: “Oh, this feels even better with direct control”

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Everyone knows what classic Diablo plays like, but Blizzard has never been afraid to experiment. Part of that process for Diablo 3 involved looking at different control systems - up to and including seeing how the action would work with an Xbox 360 controller, or how its demon-slaying might play on consoles.

Yes. Diablo 3. On an Xbox controller. Read on to find out how Diablo 3's game director feels about that.