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PC Gamer UK Podcast 55 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution interview special

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Welcome to Episode 55 of the PC Gamer UK podcast. For this interview special, Tim is joined in the studio by Deus Ex: Human Revolution art director Jonathan Jacques Belletete for an in depth chat about the sequel, and all things Deus Ex.

For our audio impressions of the first ten hours of the game, check out our Deus Ex: Human Revolution impressions podcast, or our three diaries, The Psychopath, The Hacker and The Thinker.

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PC Gamer UK Podcast 54 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution impressions special

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Tim asks Tom, Graham and Rich about their impressions of the third Deus Ex game, having played the first ten hours very, very thoroughly. Turns out it's amazing. You can read our impressions in Tom's preview, and a more in depth account of his playthrough in a diary of a psychopath.

We each talk about the way we played it, how the game responded, our favourite augmentations, and how the game measures up to the mighty original.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution diary - The Psychopath

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A few of us in the office have been playing the first ten hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the last few weeks, but we weren't allowed to tell you much about them until today. The trouble is, it's incredibly good. So all that pent up excitement has turned itself into a series of diaries: today I'll talk you through what happens if you try to play the game as a cyborg psychopath.

Tomorrow Graham will tell you about his hacking-focused style, and on Friday Rich will try to talk and sneak his way through the whole thing. We'll avoid specific plot spoilers, but inevitably we're going to be mentioning situations you'll encounter yourself when the game comes out in August. In the meantime, you can read our general impressions in my preview, and all our spoiler-free impressions in a Deus Ex special of our podcast.