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Deus Ex: Human Revolution 75% off on Steam, original Deus Ex cheap as chips

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"Cheap as chips" is a throwaway UK saying for something that has plunged straight through the realm of "inexpensive," surpassed the grotty lands of "surprisingly good value" and come to rest in the sugary sands of "tat." Few things in this world are cheaper than the pots of oily polystyrene packs of potato shifted from small shops on street corners up and down this country, but thanks to Steam, one of our favourite games ever, Deus Ex, is cheaper than a small pile of fried potato. How has this happened? It's best not to ask. Instead, just head to Steam and grab yourself a copy if you don't own one already.

Eidos Montreal's excellent 2011 follow-up, Human Revolution, is also a steal at £5 / $7.49. If you already own that, Human Revolution's DLC pack, The Missing Link is also available for £2.24 / $3.74. Alternatively, you can buy all things Deus Ex (including Invisible War) for a bundle price of £9.99 / $14.99. The deal's set to last all weekend.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link review

Tom Francis at

Human Revolution was brilliant at letting you play the way you wanted. Its boss fights were terrible for not doing that. When it emerged that they’d been outsourced to another developer, you had to wonder: what would they have been like if Eidos Montreal had made them?

Here’s one they did. I won’t spoil anything about the plot of the new Missing Link DLC, but I’ll tell you how I took out its boss.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link DLC release date and price revealed

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Sometimes, even the best games end up with the absolute worst DLC. Fortunately, Jensen's not being saddled with the latest in cybernetically enhanced horse armor. Missing Link's looking like quite the thing, and the boss fight sounds like it'll make all my wildest dreams come true - including the part where I'm always wearing a trench coat for some reason.

Best of all, the wait's nowhere near as excruciating as, say, getting your arms replaced with transforming robot swords. According to Human Revolution's Facebook page, the DLC's launching on October 18 - aka, next week. The price is a bit steep at $14.99/€10.99, but you're getting what essentially amounts to a whole new chapter in the game. Regardless, I'm pretty thrilled. Are you?

Update: Square Enix have sent over word that Missing Link will cost £8.99 in the UK.