Mass Effect 3 demo coming for January

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Mass Effect 3 will get a pre-release demo in January, giving players an early look at both single player and the newly announced Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode. The announcement was made in a post on the Bioware Forums, spotted by Eurogamer. Earlier access to the multiplayer will be available to anyone who has bought Battlefield 3 and activated their online pass (automatic for Orgin customers), although alternative methods of gaining access will be announced at a later date. The single player aspect will be available to anyone all when the demo is launched.

It's great to see a big budget game commit to a pre-release demo, an increasingly uncommon occurrence these days. With a lot of fans asking questions about the multiplayer it's a smart move from Bioware to give them a chance to try it out before the game launches on March 6th.

Sengoku demo released, full game available tomorrow

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Sengoku, Paradox Interactive's feudal Japanese strategy game is released tomorrow. To celebrate they've made a demo available in advance. The demo lets you play as two clans for fifteen years of game time but there's no option to save or load your progress. Still, it should whet your appetite for tomorrow's release.

You can get the demo from the Paradox Sengoku website. If you're still on the fence, check out our Sengoku preview, in which Tim Stone tries to impregnate his teenage niece.

Though Sengoku hasn't been confirmed to be released on Steam, posts on the Steam forums a few months ago reveal that it appeared in some gamer's libraries by mistake.

We'll have more on Sengoku soon.

Tropico 4 demo now available

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Do you like dictating in warm climates while spectating natural disasters? Does your PC laugh in the face of these system requirements?

If so, we think you should download the Tropico 4 demo from steam. You'll get the chance to complete four tutorials, along with one full mission from the dictator-sim.

Google demo PC gaming in a browser

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During a talk at GDC 2011, Vincent Scheib, a software engineer at Google, has shown off the future of web-based gaming with impressive browser-based demos which don't require plugins or web players to work.

Speaking to PC Gamer live at the show he says: "A lot of the tech is available today but in a beta or test form. You don’t have to use flash. As we move forward, the browsers are dedicated to supplying new technology to support higher quality applications."

Hit more for a video, and to try out the demos.