Defence Grid: The Awakening


PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 72 - Humans Are Magic

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Graham, Tom Francis, Rich and Chris discuss Steam sales, the state of Kickstarter, Valve's Greenlight project, Dota 2 and more, including your questions from Twitter. Also featuring Graham's Steam press account hubris, Rich's need to be brilliant at everything, Tom's on again, off again relationship with Defence Grid and the story of how Dota 2 made Chris realise that he's a bad person.

Steam Potato Sack sale strikes back, 13 indie games half-price again

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Come with me, back into the distant past. Don't mind that wibbly blurry effect and that "WooOOoOOooOO" noise, that's just what happens when you go back in time. We're almost there. All you have to do is click this link and make the transition to April 4 2011!

Steam hold potato sack indie sale, potato clues found in games

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UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: Woah, that was fun. Everything's all weird here in the past. Skyrim's not even out yet. A dark world indeed. Below you'll see some words and facts from months long gone. Be careful not to talk to them, that could cause a space-time implosion that could destroy the Internet. Instead let's observe that Valve held a potato sack sale once before, and it contained 13 indie games, and it was pretty cool. Where we're from, June 13 2012, the same sale is happening all over again. The wheel of time is turning, what once was will be again and all that. Anyway, you can get details on each of the games by clicking on the list of links below. Then, when you're ready, come with me, BACK TO THE FUTURE.