EA Indie Bundle released on Steam. Wait, what?

Henry Winchester at

Monolithic games company EA have released an oxymoronic “indie bundle” on Steam, consisting of DeathSpank (72% according to us), DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (75%), Gatling Gears, Shank (39%), Shank 2 (71%) and Warp. The games are being sold at £3.99 each, or £14.38 for the bundle - the latter’s a saving of 70%.

Unlike other oh-so-zeitgeisty indie bundles, none of the proceeds are going to charity, and you can’t choose how much you pay or how your payment's divided up. Even though £14.38 might seem pricey in comparison to the Humble Botanicula debut (£5.49 for all games) and the Indie Gala (£3.30), you're still making massive savings here. Are EA just jumping onto a particular bandwagon in the hope of making more money? Would they ever do that?

Deathspank Review

Phill Cameron at

Deathspank is a platform for creating jokes. It uses the framework of a Diablo-alike role-playing game to hang gags from, but that’s what you’re here for. The fact that Monkey Island developer Ron Gilbert’s name is attached to the whole thing is what’s going to make you pay attention, and because of that you expect a certain amount of humour. And it’s there, keeping you on a level of constant amusement that occasionally bubbles over into laughter.

There’s a nonsense story in there about Ancient Evil and Kidnapped Orphans that moves from Demon Mines to Enchanted Sinister Forests, and the look of the game is as much of a facade as the premise; all the buildings are just cardboard cutouts, and it looks like the sky is on a runner, but that’s part of the joke.