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Interview: The standalone future of DayZ, and what it means for players

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DayZ is following a path navigated by fellow former-mods Counter-Strike, Dota, Team Fortress and Killing Floor: it's being developed as a commercial, standalone game. I spoke with Dean Hall about what the decision to go standalone will mean for DayZ's design and for its more than 1.1 million citizens.

PCG: From a technical and design standpoint, what does being standalone free you up to do?

Hall: The biggest thing, I guess, that's at the forefront for me—because my Facebook is literally flooded with messages about it—is being able to take on the hacking.

What does Day Z's creator think of The War Z?

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Copycatting isn't a crime. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Good artists copy, great artists steal. I did a bit of a double-take when I first heard about The War Z, a zombie survival MMO-shooter with deep similarities to Day Z, the almost 700,000-strong Arma 2 mod.

But how does the creator of Day Z feel about the sudden appearance of a game that talks and walks (hobbles?) like his Frankenstein of permadeath and open-world survival? I asked Dean "Rocket" Hall.

Tomorrow: Day Z livestream with creator Dean "Rocket" Hall and the Arma 3 team

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When you're conducting an interview, it's important that the venue be comfortable. You don't want your interview subject bothered by commotion, bad lighting, gunfire, or shambling, predatory corpses.

Thursday morning I'll be playing Day Z with its creator and a few members of the Arma 3 team. Between our tense teamwork, I'll ask them questions about the state and future of Day Z. Come catch the livestream on the PC Gamer channel.

When: Thursday, June 28 @ 9 AM PST (noon EST, and 4 PM GMT)
How long: 2-3 hours