GOG are having another one of their bizarre sales

Phil Savage at

Steam sales are well known for their detrimental effect on your wallet. GOG prefer to engage in targeted strikes to your sanity. Their Spring Insomnia Sale has just launched and, much like last year's Fall Insomnia Sale, it's a strange way to get cheap games.

It works by offering up to 90% off any one of the one hundred included games, but only in limited quantity. As of writing, there are 158 copies of Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! available at 75% off. Given the game, that deal will last longer than most. Better games tend to be snapped up more quickly, and you get to watch each one being bought in real-time.

Steam Autumn Sale is live, bringing a week of Daily Deals, Flash Sales, and upside down pages

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We've come to expect weird overarching metagames attached to Steam Sales, making use of achievements or trading cards to turn a campaign of cheap games into a obsession creating event. For this, the Steam Autumn Sale, things would appear to back to basics. You know, except for the fact that the bottom of each page is upside down. And that if you click on an upside down button, it will load you into a page that's entirely upside down, because, as we all know, that's how Australians read. Okay, so it's not entirely normal, but it is still cheap.

Show Me The Games shows us savings on 32 indie games

Katie Williams at

Okay, so you probably don't need any more games in your pile of shame, but we never said we were here to help you. Yep—we've found even more cheapo deals for your collection, all arranged on a single page for your ease (and your wallet's disdain).

Amazon UK's Black Friweek is disappointing

Henry Winchester at

Today is the vaguely sinister-sounding Black Friday, which actually began on Monday (according to Amazon) and ends on Sunday (according to HMV). Next year, Black Friday is set to last a whole year. Although we were hugely excited about the prospect of getting some cheap PC games and kit from, for the most part it’s been fairly disappointing.

In the US, titles like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Metro 2033 and Starcraft II have all been heavily discounted. In the UK the deals have been limited to games like Assassin’s Creed and Saints Row 3 - but only on consoles. Hardware has been similarly disappointing, with overpriced Logitech webcams and mice being reduced so they're priced normally.

The 20 best deals in Valve's massive Steam sale

Tom Francis at

Steam is in the midst of an unprecedentedly huge sale. Literally hundreds of games have become stupidly cheap for ten days - too many to easily keep track of. I'm the kind of gamer who's actually bought things he already owns on Steam, just to have them on Steam, so I've been poring through all the offers to find the best. There are some clear winners, some absurd bargains, and some fairly obscure gems that are now close to free. These are my twenty picks of the best, cheapest stuff. Today's deals will only last till 6pm BST, 1pm EDT. The rest are all good till July 4th.