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The best graphics mods of 2012

Duncan Harris at

Running a website called Dead End Thrills (about pictures of grafix), I spend a lot of time playing with visual mods. When PCG asked me to list my favourites from 2012, I agreed thinking I could do it in the style of the prize round from Bullseye. "You'll be up all night 'cause it don't look like shite." "Act well-heeled with this depth-of-field." But that wouldn't work overseas, they said, and stopped being funny after two examples.

Here's a straightforward top ten, then, in no particular order.

Today's other news: Left 4 Dead 3 could happen, no one's working on Borderlands 3

Tyler Wilde at

On the list today is word from Valve's Chet Faliszek that he'd like to make Left 4 Dead 3, word from Gearbox's Randy Pitchford that the focus remains on Borderlands 2, and - surprise - another example of Gearbox-brand ribbin'-n'-joshin' with Borderlands 2's impotent "Extra Wubs" mode. And in the office today, T.J. was overheard muttering something about killing children in Crusader Kings 2. We're left to wonder how much we really know about our coworkers. More after the jump.

Mass Effect texture mod makes massive improvements to main characters

Tom Senior at

A couple of us in the office are going back through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 to prepare ourselves for the finale when the third game comes out in March. The first game is four and a bit years old now and the textures are starting to look a little runny. Thankfully, Duncan Harris presents a solution via the excellent Dead End Thrills with a link to a massive texture pack that adds masses of detail to all of the main characters of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

GTA IV mod makes incredible graphical overhaul

Tom Senior at

Parts of the above trailer for the ICEnhancer 1.2 GTA IV mod look as though they could come from a GTA V. The fan made update, spotted by RPS, builds on a selection of GTA IV mods, like RealityIV and DKT70 road textures, and then adds updated shaders to make this three year old game look as though it could be coming out next year. Improved lighting, weather effects, depth of field and more combine to transform GTA IV into the video you see above. GTA IV isn't well optimised under the best of circumstances, it might take a hefty PC to run this one, but we can't wait to try it out.

For another way to see Liberty City as you've never seen it before, check out Dead End Thrills where friend of PC Gamer Duncan Harris uses a series of mods and texture packs to create photorealistic images of the mean streets of Grand Theft Auto IV.