Dead Cyborg

Dead Cyborg: pay if you want for this impressive sci-fi adventure's second episode

Tom Sykes at

Barath Endre's Dead Cyborg, you may recall, is a first-person, episodic, "hard sci-fi" adventure series set on a rusty old space shuttle, and one we thought rather highly of back in the day. It's taken a while, but the game's second episode has just been released, and like the first it's on a rather generous pay-if-you-want model, offering 2-3 hours of interaction, exploration and puzzle-solving for free (with the option to donate - which will go towards funding the final episode).

This week's best free PC games

Lewis Denby at

There's some fairly substantial free gaming goodness to discuss this week. Most notable is Dead Cyborg, a fully-fledged 3D adventure game with an oppressive atmosphere to rival the darkest professional releases. Elsewhere, you can manage a sweatshop, shout the word 'balls' at an MP with the name 'Balls', and change the adventure genre from the inside out. Read on for this week's freebie picks.