Druid class revealed for Dungeons & Dragons Online

Gavin Townsley at

I rolled a druid the very first time I ever played the pen-and-paper classic Dungeons & Dragons. I didn't get to shapeshift like these fancypants druids you see in games nowadays, but I did manage to save my group by streaking through a bug bear camp to divert the enemy's attention. The druid class is finally coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online in the Menace of the Underdark expansion, releasing on June 25th. I'm already taking my clothes off in preparation for any dangers my group may encounter.

Dungeons & Dragons Online leaps into The Forgotten Realms with its first expansion

Chris Perry at

The Forgotten Realms is as classic a D&D setting as they get: a lost realm related to our own where magic runs rampant, deities are active, and--well, just imagine most any classic RPG game you've played and you'll see hints of The Forgotten Realms' influence. And Update 13 is finally bringing it to Dungeons & Dragons Online, which is still offering it's brand of flexible free-to-play options to the masses. I recently sat down with the game's Executive Producer Fernando Paiz to talk about what the upcoming content will look like in DDO's first-ever expansion: Menace of the Underdark.