DayZ Weekly Update

DayZ Standalone's latest development update shows the finest in zombie acting

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The latest DayZ Standalone update dispenses with the technical round-ups of recent posts, and instead focuses on creator Dean "Rocket" Hall having violent and unnatural spasms. Because he's doing motion capture work for the game. Not because he's possessed or anything. Probably.

The twenty minute video takes you through the mo-capping process, and features select interviews with DayZ's animation team. In it, you can learn Bohemia animator Martin Michalik's favourite mo-capped animation for DayZ. Spoiler: it's "defecation". Wait, what?

DayZ weekly update: 1.7.2 patch finally released, axe murderers, and Reddit to the rescue

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Want to play DayZ, but have no idea where to start? Check out our DayZ installation guide and join the PC Gamer UK official DayZ server.

The delayed 1.7.2 update has finally been released, but there have been some problems. "Good news and bad news," reads the official DayZ development Twitter feed. "Bad: 1.7.2 can cause equipment loss and loading problems. Good: client/server performance and lag greately improved."

DayZ weekly update: bear trap controversy, hacker attacks, and boar vaulting

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“I just moved everything to Prague,” says DayZ creator Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall on the mod’s official forums. “The 1.7.2 update has been ongoing, inbetween the drama that occurs when you're trying to move in a country which you don't speak the language.” So, that explains the delay. Rocket is obviously moving to Arma 2 creator Bohemia Interactive’s HQ, who are based in the Czech capital. In his absence – and because of the delayed update – the forums have exploded with misguided anger and flaming.

DayZ weekly update: smarter zombies, smoother frame rates, and revealing player stats

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Want to play DayZ, but have no idea where to start? Check out our DayZ installation guide and join the PC Gamer UK official DayZ server.

DayZ weekly update: Extra cruelty, melee weapons, and giving infected the slip

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Want to play DayZ but have no idea where to start? Check out our DayZ installation guide.

It’s been an eventful few days for DayZ. The mod is constantly being tweaked and improved, so we’ll be doing one of these posts every week to keep you up to date. The 1.7.1 patch went live on June 17 and made some significant changes – not all of which were well received by the community. But since the game is at the alpha testing stage, new features aren’t necessarily permanent. “I do the hotfixes until the build is where I wanted it to be,” says lead developer Rocket on the official DayZ forums. “Then we test it. If we like it, we keep it, if not, we revert. That's how it has worked and that is why we are here."