DayZ Bounty

DayZ Bounty "undermines" the original mod, creators will be asked to cease

Tyler Wilde at

DayZ Bounty, a service which pays out real money for in-game kills in Arma II mod DayZ, has caught the ire of developer Bohemia Interactive. In an e-mail this morning, DayZ Production Assistant Matthew Lightfoot told us that the developer does not support "commercially exploiting" DayZ mods and will be contacting the owners of DayZ Bounty to request that they cease their activities.

DayZ Bounty wants to pay you real, actual money for killing zombies and fellow players

Evan Lahti at

Most of us have built up a reflex that makes us distrust anything that combines the phrases “make money” and “playing games.” Profit and play can’t coexist, and any program that says it can is a scam. A damn scam.

DayZ Bounty is such a program, but its founders promise that it isn’t a scam. After launching a website earlier this week, I talked to the creators to get a sense of their intentions and learn more about how they plan to implement such an unusual idea.