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Day Z Video Diary -- Emotional Rollercoaster

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Day Z does something novel and counter-intuitive that I love: it makes being victimized exciting. You feel a lot when you're face-to-face with permadeath—when you're being bandited, zombied, starved, or dehydrated.

I had an incredible session in Day Z last night during an impromptu livestream. In 15 minutes of action, I felt a greater spectrum of feelings than I have in a month worth of gaming. Come behold my tornado of terror, guilt, joy, and cowardice.

Day Z Photo Diary 2 -- Murder Mystery Castle

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He was a survivor with one life to live. His backpack: filled with beans. His world: filled with zombies. These are his tales, and the tales of his inconsistently-brave friends. And the tales of the woman played by a man who loved him.

Day Z is the Citizen Kane of unfinished zombie survival mods of military simulations, and I'm playing it a lot. In my second Day Z scrapbook, my friends and I explore the Terrifying Northwest Airfield, eat some hamburgers, throw a grenade, and solve a murder mystery.

Day Z photo diary

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I spent eight consecutive hours in Day Z on Saturday. What began as a screenshot of a goat (that we were about to shoot) became, as it often does in Day Z, an afternoon worth documenting. We hiked. We crawled. We looted abandoned convenience stores. We looked and listened. We ran screaming from undead priests. We got lost. We ate beans.

Follow along at home with this colorful Arma 2 map of Chernarus.

Comrades:Keenan, Andrew, Ben, Guillaume, and other friends-of-friends.