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Darksiders series "not dead," but creative director says future remains uncertain

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Darksiders lives, but what that means for the series is anything but clear, according to the action RPG's creative director Joe Madureira. In a followup post on Facebook today, Madureira writes that his comment yesterday about how the Darksiders series "is not dead" doesn't mean its future has been secured.

Nordic Games shares THQ spoils in Humble Weekly Sale

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Many publishers swarmed in on THQ’s trove of established licenses earlier this year, but Nordic Games arguably got one of the biggest takes by buying both the Darksiders and Red Faction franchises. However, it’ll probably be a while before we see anything new from those franchises, considering Nordic bought the licenses just this April. So what do you do with a stack of licenses and nothing new to show? Put them on sale.

Ex-Vigil devs at Crytek USA looking to rescue Darksiders IP from THQ's smoking ruins

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One of the big surprises of the THQ fire-sale was that no one stumped up to save Vigil, creators of Darksiders. A sad end to the company though that was, not all of Vigil's staff did so badly, with many of the refugees reforming as Crytek USA. Now their CEO David Adams has announced an ambition to buy back the Darksiders name, tweeting that he'd "put 7 years of heart and soul into that franchise" and that "it belongs at home with its creators."

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 85 - Horse Parking Simulator 2013

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After a break, we're back. Chris, Tom Senior and Marsh discuss Antichamber, DmC, The Witcher, Destiny, the inner workings of Valve and a game called Half-Life 2 that is pretty good apparently.

THQ's remaining properties to be auctioned in April - Homeworld and Darksiders up for grabs

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The date's been set for the final court-supervised auction of THQ's remaining properties. Those titles not bought in January's fire sale have been divided into lots, with initial bids due in April 1st. Final bids are required by April 15th, then, pending court approval, THQ expects to sell the remaining vestige of its existence by mid-May. *Sniff*

While the tastiest morsels have already been picked away, there's still some meat clinging to the THQ bone. Darksiders, Homeworld and Red Faction are all looking for a new home. In an ideal world, the Homeworld license will be picked up by someone who'll actually use it, and Red Faction will end up somewhere that recognises the brilliance of Guerrilla over the mediocrity of Armageddon.

Crytek form new studio, fill it with ex-Vigil staff

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The aftermath of the THQ bankruptcy left Darksiders developer Vigil without a buyer. But while the studio has been closed down, many of its former staffers may have found a happy end to the sorry saga. Crytek have founded a new studio in Austin, Texas, with Vigil's co-founder David Adams in place as its CEO. The new development house - Crytek USA Corp. - has been filled with "core" members of the Vigil team.

The THQ aftermath: Why did no-one buy Vigil?

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Darksiders 2 may not have had the care and attention we like to see of a PC port, but that didn't hold back the game's tough, rewarding combat from making the game an overall enjoyable experience. So when the details of THQ's auction were revealed, it was a surprise to see that no-one had bid for Vigil. What gives?

THQ remembered: the ten best games

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Farewell then, THQ. Yesterday saw the publisher’s final assets sold off to a variety of buyers, and while many good people (and franchises) managed to find a new home, our thoughts and well-wishes are with those that didn’t. As we’re in a reflective mood, we thought it only appropriate to commemorate the loss of this fine company with a look back at ten of the best games it’s delighted us with over the years.

THQ in trouble: Metro: Last Light, Company of Heroes 2 and South Park game delayed

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THQ's stock has halved in value after the publisher's Q2 financial report announced a delay to the games arriving early next year. Though the delay shows an investment in the quality of those titles, the plummeting share price could leave the company facing bankruptcy before they reach market.

Darksiders 2 review

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Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. Also: pusher of buttons, fetcher of quest items and avid parkour enthusiast. I’m also a dab skeletal hand when it comes to rolling giant glowing weighted balls into the sockets of improbably elaborate stone machinery.

Darksiders 2 release date delayed, "this is great news for the team at Vigil"

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Bad news for Darksiders fans, Death has been detained. A post on the Darksiders 2 site says that the sequel's release date has been pushed back a couple of months so the team can polish up Death's bony face. "Darksiders II will be moving to release globally in August 2012, rather than June as previously announced," says the post. "This is great news for the team at Vigil, because it allows additional time for polish and to ensure that all aspects of Darksiders II meet the high-quality bar the team is targeting."

Darksiders 2 release date set for summer, preorder bonuses abound

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We'll be donning death's gloomy robes in the height of summer this year when Darksiders 2 hits shelves on June 26 in the US and June 29 in Europe. If you enjoyed the decent monster mashing of the first game, and are dead set on picking up the second, you'll soon be able to preorder to get access to a variety of packs, some of which are much better than others. Anyone want a set of angelic scythes? How about an "exclusive visual trail" for your crow? Anyone? Hello?

Darksiders 2 screenshots show new creatures, monstrous axe

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If death dies on the battlefield, who comes to claim his soul? What happens to everyone else who dies when death's not about? Darksiders 2 probably won't answer these questions, but it definitely will let you hit things with a giant axe. You like hitting things with a giant axe, right? See a gallery of the various things you can hit with a giant axe in the latest batch of Darksiders 2 screenshots below.

Darksider's creature design was one of its stand-out features. You could make friends with giant stone doors. Instead of opening like a normal door, they'd turn into a lumbering stone golem and wander off. More of this sort of thing, please, creature designers.

Darksiders 2 trailer talks Death, destruction and "Swiss army scythes"

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Some Darksider 2 developers gather on THE PLAINS OF LIMBO to chat about the sequel's new hero, Death. Compared to his brother, War, he's more agile, more serious and more purple. He has access to niftier weaponry as well, including his "Swiss Army Scythe," a pair of vicious sickles that can combine into a mighty scythe at Death's will. The first Darksiders had some decent demon-bashing. A speedier, more exotic hero should liven up the formula a bit.

Darksiders 2 trailer shows Death in action

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The first bit of in-game footage of Darksiders 2 has been spotted by VG247, showing Death's fighting style. He's much, much faster than War from the first game, and has a wide range of weapons hidden about his person. He switches between a pair of scythe blades, a normal scythe, a bloody massive scythe, a hammer and various purple energy attacks as he combos his way through a helpless room of demons. The plot of the second game will run alongside the first, but the locations we'll be fighting through will be up to twice the size. Darksiders 2 is due out next year.

Darksiders 2 first details reveal Death as main character

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Darksiders had you playing the role of War, a caped brute with huge arms and an even bigger blade. We rather enjoyed the first game's bombastic combat and batty plot, so it'll be interesting to see if the sequel can build on everything Darksiders did right. THQ have revealed the first details on Darksiders 2. Word is it's going to be bigger. Much bigger. And we won't be playing as War, either. Instead we'll step into the shoes of his creepy older brother, Death.

THQ release line-up announced: Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online, Darksiders 2 and Saints Row 3 dated

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THQ have revealed their release lineup for the next year or so and there are a few titles to get excited about. Read on for details on Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online, Darksiders 2 and the mysterious Insane.