Metrocide is a stealthy, cyberpunk Grand Theft Auto starring a contract killer

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It's a shame the preferred view for city-set action games is now an over-the-shoulder one, as there's something enjoyably Police, Camera, Action!y to viewing a metropolitan crime spree from a bird's eye view. It's also, I'd imagine, a hell of a lot easier and cheaper to implement. Metrocide is the rare city-set game employing a Cpt. Birds Eye perspective to tell its story of a freelance assassin doing his murdery job in a cyberpunk dystopia. It's a bit like Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 (only seemingly without a fully open world). It's a bit like Syndicate, for obvious cyber-reasons. It's also a bit like Hitman, what with you being a hitman and everything. See how these various influences coalesce after the break.

Shadowrun Online infiltrates Steam Early Access March 31

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Shadowrun Online is set to appear on Steam Early Access Monday with a prototype build of the upcoming cyberpunk strategy game. The result of a successful $500,000 Kickstarter from Cliffhanger Productions, the early access version of the MMO will preview the game's campaign and give players a taste of combat and PvP, according to a recent announcement from the studio.

Cyberpunk 2077 "will be a true RPG game," says CD Projekt RED

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While still just a hope and a whisper in the minds of genre fans, Cyberpunk 2077 is set to stay true to its RPG roots, according to a new interview with developer CD Projekt RED CEO Marcin Iwinski. He tells IGN the game's sci-fi setting takes its role-playing cues from the Polish studio's much-celebrated Witcher series.

Shadowrun Returns expansion announced: Dragonfall arrives in January

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Kickstarter success story Shadowrun Returns came out a few months ago to mixed, but mostly positive, reviews, and we immediately looked ahead to the delayed expansion, codenamed “Berlin.” Berlin has a new name and a confirmed release date: Shadowrun: Dragonfall will arrive in January.

Indie cyberpunk stealth game The Swindle put on hold indefinitely

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The Swindle, the cyberpunk stealth game from Size Five Games (of Gun Monkeys fame), has been officially put on hold. In a blog post, developer Dan Marshall says that developing The Swindle has been a long process full of setbacks, and the time needed to finish it could mean the end of Size Five.

CD Projekt RED: "We are honest, straightforward, and fair, and this pays back"

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In a world of downloadable content and micro transactions, CD Projekt RED is an anomaly. While the studio’s mostly known for crafting the Witcher franchise, it’s also garnered the love and respect of its fans by releasing exorbitant amounts of extra content for free. It might not make much sense from a traditional business perspective, but CD Projekt RED co-founder Marcin Iwinksi sees things differently.

Shadowrun Returns feels fan support as it approaches release

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When supporters start shipping you food, you've probably found yourself in a special community. That's exactly what's been happening as Shadowrun Returns developer Harebrained Schemes works to finish its re-imagination of the classic cyberpunk and fantasy RPG, according to a new interview at Playnation.

STEALER: a stunning cyberpunk platformer focusing on "atmosphere and exploration"

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I didn't know it, but I've been missing something since I first played Flashback all those many years ago. There's been a hole in my heart for a cyberpunk-ish sci-fi game with exquisite pixel art and music, and pretty much nothing around to fill it. STEALER should do. Its creator Winged Doom has released a trailer showcasing the style and mood of the game; it's a mockup containing no actual gameplay, but offering a glimpse of what this stunning game should look like when it's done.

CD Projekt spill Cyberpunk details, including title and setting

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CD Projekt have announced a title for their crazy-exciting cyberpunk RPG, based on the pen-and-paper game, er, Cyberpunk. That was set in 2020, a piddly eight years from now, but the Witcher devs' upcoming epic will take place around fifty years later, which is probably why they've decided to name it Cyberpunk 2077. While they were at it, CDP also set up a Cyberpunk blog, and revealed a few more details about the game.

Cypher revisits classic text-based gaming with a classic cyberpunk style

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I love cyberpunk. Its emotionally charged techno-noir powers a motif revolving around the struggle of humanity's identity in the face of technology's juggernaut ascension, often set in the neon jungles of rain-slick megacities with grizzled, world-weary protagonists wearing baggy trenchcoats. It's all excellent gaming fodder, and indie Argentinian duo Cabrera Brothers brings cyberpunk's weightiness into Cypher, a colorful text-based throwback.

CD Projekt cracks open some Cyberpunk FAQs

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Not, it must be said, all that many - most of The Witcher 2 developer's current project remains cloaked in secrecy and protected with ICE and... uh... behind a wall of developers keeping schtum. Plot, style and exactly what it's going to look like all remain unknown. These answers should however assuage any fears that it's just going to be The Witcher wearing sunglasses even when indoors, and give some idea of how the company is approaching its new world and the experience it plans to offer.

CD Projekt RED's new RPG is Cyberpunk

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The mystery "triple-A RPG" coming from CD Projekt RED is based on Cyberpunk, the pen and paper RPG by Mike Pondsmith. The game was teased today during the group's Summer Conference, and is in early development by Witcher veterans. We don't know much yet, except that it will feature the expected cyberpunk RPG trappings: customizable characters, multiple classes, plenty of weapons and implants, and a non-linear story.

Saturday Crapshoot: The Nameless Mod

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Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This week, prepare to enter a world where fandom carries a gun, everyone gets to rock cool trenchcoats, and you're never alone with a spork.

With the exception of Invisible War, the great shame of Deus Ex's legacy is that almost nobody's ever really tried to beat it. Vampire: Bloodlines got the closest, E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy... uh... exists. A few others have taken on board individual ideas, like offering stealthy options, or giving you a sack of gadgets. Nothing however has that same hook of being dropped into a world with a bag of tricks, and invited to make your own way through it. Will Human Revolution finally be the successor we're all longing for? "Hopefully!" I say, in the shifty tone of one who finished it about two weeks ago, but isn't allowed to give away any actual details for another week or so. Still, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Unless you follow the mod scene though, it's likely that you've not played one of the best things to come from Deus Ex, and one of the best single-player mods in general. Meet The Nameless Mod, one of the coolest attempts to recreate the original magic, and a fine adventure in its own right. What better way to whet your appetite for the official sequel? Team Fortress 2 weapons? Bah! Prepare to enter Forum City, where conspiracy and intrigue aren't simply life and death. They're Serious Business...