Custom PCs

Maddest PC rigs ever? Your best entries for our Vulcan's Craftsman Challenge

Andy Hartup at

Last week, we set you the challenge of snapping pictures of your mad, powerful, custom PC rigs with the aim of winning a brand new Alienware TactX keyboard and mouse. It was all to celebrate the release of new God Vulcan (no, nothing to do with Star Trek) in MOBA game Smite.

Digital Storm's sub-zero system revealed

Adam Oxford at

I'm not hugely familiar with US system builder Digital Storm, since they don't have an outlet on this side of the Atlantic, but the 'boutique' PC maker has just added an impressive looking new case to its line up that rather makes me wish they did.

It uses the first case that the company has designed itself, apparently, something which is almost unheard of for an independent shop, certainly since Alienware and VoodooPC were bought out by Dell and HP respectively. The 'Aventum', as Digital Storm's new range is known, may not have the catchiest name and it certainly has a bleeding eye price, but it's intriguing, nonetheless.