Cube World

Cube World video offers glimpse of how questing will work

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Never fear, because Cube World is still coming. We know, because after a prolonged and eerie silence Picroma has released a new video detailing what the studio has been busy working on. The studio warns that it is still "adding more variations and content to the quests" and that the footage below is not final.

Cube World still in development, next update "coming along nicely"

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Cube World had something of a messy launch back in July, thanks to a bittersweet and server straining combination of enthusiasm and DDoS attacks. The internet waters having calmed, people were finally able to buy the voxel RPG, but in the months that followed, the alpha received no further updates. With players fearing development had been abandoned, developer Wolfram von Funck used Twitter to assuage their worry.

Procedural sandbox RPG Cube World releases alpha, yours to (sorta) buy now

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I'm not sure I'd be entirely at home in a cube world, seeing as I'm completely spherical, but you may fare better in Picroma's long-awaited procedurally generated sandbox RPG Cube World, which is essentially what happens when you put Minecraft, Zelda and World of Warcraft into a blender - before putting it to one aside and getting a talented developer to make a similar game instead. Well, Cube World now has an alpha version that you can pay money to play - if you're lucky enough to be able to access the shop. Picroma are currently having a bit of intermittent trouble thanks to a) the game's immense popularity, and b) regular denial-of-service attacks.

New Cube World video shows the indie RPG's approach to crafting, magic, sailing and stealth

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Cube World has come a long way since we last featured it way back in September. While there's still no release date, the open world indie RPG with the most luxuriant mini-map in the business has just been given a newin-game video, this one focusing on the game's massive exploration element. Crafting, climbing, backflips, magic, stealth, an interminable boss fight and (best of all) sailing are just some of the things that await you in this expansive game that impresses more and more each time we see it.

Cube World: indie exploration RPG gets hang gliders, dungeons and mega bosses

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Cube World will naturally draw many comparisons to Minecraft for its colourful cubic tendencies, but a quick watch of the video uncovers a much quicker, more combat heavy take on the open world exploration RPG. Sprinting, stun attacks and dungeons full of new monsters are all showcased, along with some neat gadgets, like adorable voxelly gliders.

Cube World is being developed by one Wolfram von Funck, who was almost hired by Mojang, but decided to remain independent instead. Keep track of all the latest updates on wollay's blog. There's no release date for Cube World yet. It'll be released "when it's done."