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CryEngine development kit subscription available on Steam

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Sitting all pretty-like at the top of Steam's software roster is the new addition of the CryEngine toolkit and source code. For a $10/£6 monthly subscription, developers can license one of the beefiest and feature-rich graphics generators out there for technical boosts such as "perspective-correct volumetric soft shadows" or "procedural object deformation" or "ooh, shiny."

Lichdom announced, brings a magical RPG to CryEngine 3

Phil Savage at

Lichdom's announcement took place during AMD's GPU '14 Tech Day, hence this trailer being full of graphical effects and particle pretties. It's a CryEngine 3 powered RPG, which looks a bit like what you might get if you took The Elder Scrolls series and forced it to focus on doing one thing really well. In Lichdom's case, that thing is magic. Cue fire, explosions and arcing shafts of light.

Denis Dyack on restarting Shadow of the Eternals

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Shadow of the Eternals has had a bit of a rough time getting started. The spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness had a rocky debut on Kickstarter earlier this year, being withdrawn from crowdfunding in June after reaching only 10 percent of its goal with 15 days remaining.

But Precursor Games has re-emerged with a new Kickstarter for Eternals, asking for a lower funding goal and promising the gruff baritone of David Hayter a place in the game. We had the opportunity to speak with Precursor’s Denis Dyack for a brief overview on why Precursor pulled the plug on the original funding effort and what plans the studio has for Eternals on the PC.

Three cars tumble joyously off a cliff in latest BeamNG physics demo

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It's the happy music that really makes this, I think. Check out the latest soft-body physics demo from BeamNG, the guys behind that other vehicle-crashing demonstration. This time, they've got three cars rolling helplessly down a very steep hill, with tires and car doors flying every which-way in the wake.

Monster Hunter Online trailer shows the monsters that will be hunted

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You're developing a game called Monster Hunter Online. You need to show that game in the form of a trailer. What do you do? Tencent, who are developing MHO, sensibly chose a monster parade, showing off everything from a giant armoured beaver-bear, to, er, a warthog. But, like, a really big warthog. With massive tusks. So it's still pretty threatening.

Crysis 2 dazzles with BlackFire lighting mod

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Crysis 1 had so many graphics that running it on the highest settings became the dream of every mid-late 2000s system builder. Crysis 3 had moving ropes so advanced (read: poorly optimised) that it tested even the most powerful of modern GPUs. But middle-child Crysis 2 never set the world - or graphics hardware - alight with its texture work. Luckily, modders have been all too happy to dose it with steady injections of pure pixels and effects. BlackFire's mod is a Crysis 2 lighting overhaul, designed to remove the smoky atmosphere of the vanilla game for a clearer and brighter experience.

GDC 2013: all the stories in one place

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The annual Game Developers Conference is underway in San Francisco. What can we expect? Candid retrospectives? Shock reveals? Will David Cage's Giant Floating Man Face do battle with Nvidia's Giant Floating Man Face above a flaming pit?

We'll be bringing you all the latest from the frontlines and keeping this page updated with all the stories so far.

GDC 2013: CryEngine 3 and Unreal Engine 4 footage eyeballed

Tom Senior at

Some showreel snippets of CryEngine 3 and Unreal Engine 4 have been glimpsed at GDC 2013 and picked up by GameTrailers, but will the next generation of graphics engines from Crytek and Epic make our eyeballs happy? Worryingly, mine are increasingly hard to please. I look at pictures of our planet from space and the brain thinks "OOOH" but the eyes - saturated with the splendour of Bioshock Infinite's flying cities and Dunwall sunsets - remain steadfastly nonchalant.

Perhaps that's why I'm not blown away by the footage we've seen so far of the new engines. But maybe that's the eyeballs talking. What do yours think?

Crysis gets VR mod - beam maximum graphics directly into your face

Phil Savage at

Listen, developers: if you're planning to add Oculus Rift support into your games, you'd better do it quick. Wait too long and modding powerhouse Nathan Andrews will beat you to it. He's unstoppable. Fresh from taming the Source engine to add head and gun tracking to Half-Life 2 and Black Mesa, he's now turned his attentions to the CryEngine, and has a video of Crytek's first nanosuited outing running with the tech.

CryEngine 3 video shows off Crysis 3's technical wizardry

Omri Petitte at

Crytek, the developer that turned God rays into an FPS staple, is demonstrating no less ambition in Crysis 3. In this lengthy video (via VG247), Crytek Field Applications Engineer Sean Tracy takes you on a tour of the full spectrum of capabilities within CryEngine 3 and the visual and physical effects they support.

Warhorse Studios show the gorgeous tech behind their medieval RPG

Phil Savage at

During the Game Developers Session conference, which took place in Prague over the weekend, Warhorse Studios gave a presentation showing what was possible with the modified CryEngine 3 that the developer is using to power its upcoming unannounced medieval RPG.

Five million Russians are practising their Warface

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"Critical vulnerabilities" found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, CryEngine 3

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If you thought the biggest thing you had to worry about in Modern Warfare 3 was a knife in the back while you were camped out sniping, you might have to think again. At the Power of Community security conference in Seoul, two researchers appear to have found "critical vulnerabilities" in the game - along with Crytek's CryEngine 3 - as reported by Computer World.

Abduction combines first-person stealth with CryEngine 3, looks super slick

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Dark Side of Gaming's weekly roundup of works-in-progress by CryEngine 3 modders shone a harshly bright pool of light upon Abduction, an indie first-person stealther by Dark12345 which harnesses CryEngine 3 to show us what a renovated Thief or Splinter Cell might look like. Now that's a worthwhile justification to peek warily over that shadowy cardboard box you're hiding behind. Yes, we see you.

CryEngine 3 tech demo video shows top secret toad tessellation tech

Tom Senior at

Toads don't tessellate. Trust me, I've tried. So how to Crytek pull it off? It's top secret, sadly, but you can watch one tessellated toad jump off a log in the latest CryEngine 3 tech on Gamespot, which also shows some lovely lighting tech and some grand Crysis 3 environments, some of which starred in the recent Crysis 3 combat/stealth trailer. It's pretty impressive, but is it better than the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo that Epic released a couple of months back?

Crytek tech to purge texture popping

Adam Oxford at

Hovering around the lesser populated and more technical sessions of the Develop conference in Brighton yesterday, I caught a fascinating demonstration of in-house technology that Crytek is using to combat the problem of popping in its games.

Called the LODBaker, it's a nifty little plugin for the Cryengine SDK which aims to take the hassle out of creating low resolution assets for rendering in the distance, while at the same time reducing polygon counts to a tenth of their original value and speeding up framerates.

Crytek talk different cultures' take on free-to-play

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You probably don’t associate Crytek with free-to-play games, but now they’re making Warface - a free-to-play FPS running on CryENGINE® 3.

According to the devs, making scalable tech isn’t really an issue; the hardest part is in localising WARFACE for different cultures. It sounds like a minefield of etiquette.

Impressive CryEngine 3 soft-body physics demo released by Rigs of Rods creators

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Soft-body physics refers to the handling of deformable objects -- Unreal Engine 3's famous meat cube, the billowing cloth in Assassin's Creed, and in this case, a pickup truck being mushed into walls. Summon your inner child for some good old fashioned watching-stuff-hit-other-stuff fun.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 trailer camps, monolgues, assassinates

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Not to be confused with Sniper Elite V2, or Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a military shooter about shunting slugs of lead into distant foes' frontal lobes. A rebuilt AI system and improved sneaking are the on-the-box improvements over the original, but the smart visuals will do more to catch the eye. Watch as CryEngine 3 spoons dollops of visual fanciness into the above trailer, spotted on Evil Avatar. Interested? Tyler's waiting to tell you what it's actually like right here in our Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 preview. It's out on August 21.

Warface registers one million players in Russia

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According to the official site, Warface is "AAA4FREE!" What I think that's trying to say is that it will be a big budget game driven by a powerful engine that will cost you no money to play. It's being made by Crytek, who made Crysis using their CryEngine. It's a good job they haven't stuck to their naming conventions or we'd be talking about 'Cryface' right now.

Anyway, it's doing very well. It's in closed beta over here but the shooter seems to have taken Russia by storm. GamesIndustry International mention that it currently has ONE MILLION subscribers over there. 28,000 players were seen playing at the same time, which is apparently a Russian record. The early Warface trailers look pretty smart, and the addition of a good mech always go a long way. Early indications suggest this might be one to keep an eye on. You can sign up for the closed beta on the Warface site.