Crime's no joke

Thieves hijack truckload of Modern Warfare 3

Rob Zacny at

I'm still expecting someone to reveal this is an elaborate viral marketing stunt, but Eurogamer points out that Agence France Presse have got the story, so apparently it's true: over the weekend in France, a pair of criminals ambushed and hijacked a van carrying 6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3.

The van stopped when it was involved in an accident with a car (presumably staged by the thieves). The drivers stepped out of the van, at which point two men attacked them with tear gas before getting into the van and driving away with 400,000 euros worth of on-rails shooter and popular multiplayer.

Payday: The Heist screenshots send in the clowns

Tom Senior at

Did you ever hear the one about the four clowns who walked into an abattoir? No, you didn't, because crime is a VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS. Nine new screenshots have landed showing the Slaughter map, abandoning your traditional marbled bank vaults in favour of an icy slaughterhouse. In between the hanging carcasses, someone has hidden several safes full of gold, for no obvious reason, but that hardly matters. Where there's gold, there'a s posse of clowns somewhere who'll try and steal it.

Payday's four-man co-op squad vs. hordes of cops framework invites comparisons to Left 4 Dead, and with good reason. Instead of safe rooms, bank vaults are the objective, and instead of hordes of undead, waves of armed policemen are the fodder, but for all the similarities Payday has its own raucous attitude and sweary sense of fun that makes it an exciting prospect. It was one of Tim's favourite games of E3 this year. Check out his Payday: The Heist impressions to find out why, and see the new screens below.