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Minecraft Dev Diary - staff intro, clan cloaks

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PC Gamer is always willing to release secret cables exposing embarrassing developer secrets. The last Minecraft diary contained information on new merchandise and Mojang's next game. This new diary introduces the staff, has updates on the merchandise, and talks about prioritizing new features.

Minecraft Dev Diary #1 - merch, Mojang's next game

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PC Gamer's spies are everywhere. When developers write in their heart-embossed, miniature-lock diaries, a PC Gamer agent is there to look underneath their pillow, flip through it while they're at gymnastics practice, and pass on the intimate secret of who they be crushin' on to you.

Of course, when an independent developer wants to openly share what it's up to, it saves us the hard work of bedroom infiltration. Minecraft developer Mojang Specifications has done just that, and they plan to provide us with behind-the-scenes information about what they're working on about every other week. Today, Jakob Porser writes about the current state of Mojang's kitchen, about the dev's plans for adorable, terrifying merchandise and grants a further hint about Mojang's next game.