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Dishonored: No Trace, episode 4: Somebody Ring the Alarm

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In this week's episode of No Trace, I ruin Lady Boyle's masquerade ball with a bit of planning, a lot of luck, and a relatively small amount of unplanned crisis. By my standards - and if you've watched the previous episodes in the series, you can make up your own mind about how low that particular bar is set - this is probably the purest execution of the No Trace concept so far. At least in so far as I don't have to deal with rubber aristocrats or murder innocent people to cover my inept backside. As ever, spoilers within.

Dishonored: No Trace, episode 3: Sokolov & I

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It's No Trace time again! In case you were wondering, 'No Trace Time' is now defined as 'once a week, pretty much.' Thank you for your continued understanding. In this week's episode, I tackle Kaldwin's Bridge in pursuit of the Royal Physician, Anton Sokolov - all the while attempting to leave no evidence of Corvo's involvement whatsoever.