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Payday: The Heist slightly delayed, trailer steals a man from a bridge

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So far in Payday, we've mostly seen the chuckle brothers stealing gold from bank vaults. The mission shown in the latest trailer replaces the gold with a valuable prisoner, the bank vaults with police security vans, and the old fashioned getaway car with a balloon and a seaplane. It goes to show that hardened criminals are a mad sort, and not especially punctual either. Payday: The Heist has been slightly delayed. Overkill say it's "a move to ensure players and fans of our promise and vision to produce high-caliber games that deliver the best quality game experience."

We'll get to tell civilians to GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR later this month when Payday goes on sale at £14.95 / $19.99, and can be pre-ordered now on Steam and Direct2Drive. Check out our Payday: The Heist preview for an insight into the mind of a clown gone bad.

APB: Reloaded open beta to kick off today

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the APB: Reloaded open beta was set to go live last week, but ended up delayed at the last minute because of a connection bug. GamersFirst have posted on the APB: Reloaded blog to say that the problems have been fixed, and the open beta is set to kick off today. The open beta servers are now set to go live at 6:00am PST/ 9:00am EST/ 14:00 UK and 15:00 CEST. You can also find out more on the APB: Reloaded Twitter account, and their Facebook page. See you in San Paro.

APB: Reloaded open beta delayed

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The APB: Reloaded open beta was set to kick off later today, but has been pushed back because of connection issues that have cropped up in the last 48 hours. In a message on the APB: Reloaded blog, GamersFirst said "we are clearly disappointed that this afternoon's public launch has been put temporarily on hold, but in the end we strongly believe that first addressing this issue is the most critical and important step we can take as a development team."

GamersFirst haven't given an estimate for the length of the delay, but you can always have a read of our APB: Reloaded preview while you're waiting for the servers to go live. The devs say "as soon as we have more data we will update the community on Facebook, Blogs and through Twitter."

APB: Reloaded shows new Enforcer squad car

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This is one of our first glimpses APB since it was taken over by GamersFirst to be remade as a free-to-play game. The video shows off the Macchina Calabria 127 squad car, the new starting vehicle for Enforcers.

Monstrous car handling was one of APB's biggest problems. It's hard to tell whether it's much improved from this footage, but the squad car does manage to snake its way through the shopping mall quite adeptly, and he hits that pedestrian with acceptable precision. THE MURDERER. APB is currently in closed beta. Keep an eye on the APB Reloaded blog for updates on the game's progress.

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APB: Reloaded to get new district and game modes

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GamersFirst have released details on the changes they're planning on making to APB when they re-release it as a free-to-play title later this year. Plans include the addition of a new district and a couple of new game modes.