PC Gamer UK's Minecraft server is still going strong; take a look inside

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As of last month, Minecraft had sold 15 million copies. That's a lot of people scrabbling around in the dirt to hastily construct a ramshackle hut. At least, that's what I tell myself to feel slightly better about my own inability to build anything good. For those occasions I do want to see spectacular outpourings of creativity, I like to visit the PC Gamer UK server. It's a wonderland of architectural amazement, and has recently received an updated trailer from community member Radio Thax.

PSA: Join PC Gamer's Minecraft servers

PC Gamer at

This is a friendly reminder that we have two lovely Minecraft servers—one based in the US, and another in the UK. You should join one! What have you to lose other than precious, precious time?

PSA: PC Gamer has a Minecraft server

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This is a polite reminder that we have a fully-functioning, 40-slot Minecraft server. It's based in Tempe, Arizona, and we'd be glad to see you at Inside: video footage of community creations.

Come play Counter-Strike:GO on our new Arms Race server

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We recently set up a ridiculous number of servers for the latest and greatest games—plus a few classics. To celebrate, we want you to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with us tonight!

Dota 2 works to rehabilitate abusive players, sees drop in overall abuse reports

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Anyone who plays online multiplayer games is familiar with players using anonymity to misbehave: abusive, whining, foul-mouthed trolls sucking the joy out of every game, free of repercussions. Some games issue bans, some games implement a mute button, but few games ever seem to solve the issue.

Red and black: play Planetside 2 with PC Gamer this Thursday

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At The Crown, the sections are prepared. On Esamir, they're straining at the leash. The PC Gamer community runs a different Planetside 2 event every night of the week. Our drop-pods bear the mark of hundreds of deployments. Our Mosquito gunships are the scourge of the skies. Our tank platoons achieve a record amount of not-upside-down-time. This Thursday, however, the plan changes. Readers, staff, everyone: there's a river on the run. Like the flowing of the tide, PC Gamer is going to war.

Play Counter-Strike: GO with us, please

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Beginning tonight, we're hosting daily Counter-Strike: GO events on our server. Because why the hell not?

Guild Wars 2 beta weekend: join the PC Gamer European community!

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The first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event for pre-purchase players begins tonight at 8pm GMT (12pm PDT). European players are cordially invited to join the PC Gamer community in exploring the game for the first time.

The leader of our Guild Wars community, Archernick, has rallied the troops on the Desolation EU server. He's started a thread on the PC Gamer forum where you can find out more and share your contact details. There's also a thread on downloading the GW2 client if you've already got access.

TF2 used as gallery showcase. Hats not mentioned.

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Steam forum member 'thedefiant' – student Christopher Wyant - used Valve's FPS as a medium to display an art project for his university degree. In an attempt to create some kind of mad feedback loop that'll doom the whole galaxy, he set up a server in TF2, displaying custom sprays of ceramic pots. Having taken screenshots of the carnage that went on in the serene virtual gallery, he then set up a real gallery in Auburn University, displaying both pictures of the ceramics in-game as well as the actual physical ceramics themselves. Everybody present at both events had their brains explode.

As making people's brains explode is an unusual thing to do, especially with art, we asked Christopher directly what his motives were.

Giveaway-- Play with PCG Global Agenda

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Are you ready for Wednesday Night's Global Agenda Event? This is your less-than-24-hours reminder. As mentioned earlier, PC Gamer will be having an event in-game trying our hands on Oasis Checkpoint of Doom. We can't wait to blast some spooky ghouls with you in our finely crafted PC Gamer brand power suits, and hope you'll join us in-game tomorrow!

The details:

Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST
Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.
Raids will occur every 30 minutes

Make up a battle cry that PC Gamer should use in tonight's raid and post in the comments below. Battle cry should be family friendly and non-offensive. The first fifteen entries with a valid battle cry will win a copy of Global Agenda.

This contest is open to everyone.

Play with PC Gamer - Global Agenda Halloween event

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Come play dress-up with the PC Gamer US editors in Global Agenda on Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST and be one of the first to run through the new Halloween themed mission, Oasis Checkpoint of Doom.

Oasis Checkpoint is a Defense Raid mission where 10 players defend a facility from waves of NPC attackers. It's decorated with “tricks” and “treats” for the holiday event, lasting from October 27 through October 31. Learn more about Raid Defense in this developer video blog.

Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.