Max Payne 3 digital comic recaps Max's fall and sets up his relocation to Brazil

Tyler Wilde at

Issue one of Rockstar and Marvel's Max Payne 3 digital comic series is now available for read-looking. The first issue, titled "After the Fall," sets up Max's troubled past (which mostly involves him burying everyone he ever cared about), and briefly hints at the events that lead him to Max Payne 3's new setting. He's got a lot to drink about after Max Payne 2, and eventually gets himself in trouble in a New Jersey bar, which presumably kicks off his flight to Brazil. Oh Max, you're incorrigible.

Mass Effect, Diablo and Star Wars comic books reviewed on Free Comic Book Day

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Today is Free Comic Book Day in North America—a magical day when comic book shops hand out a free comic to everyone that swings by their store. If you're reading this on Saturday, you really should swing by your local comic shop and absorb some great geek culture.

And as well-rounded geeks at PC Gamer, we share your unrestrainable urge to own awesome things and understand that you'll likely feel compelled to buy a few comic books related to video games while you're there. Here are three that I read this week and what I thought of them to help you make your picks.

Valve comic collection out in November

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A 304 page collection Valve comics is set to be released in the US later this year, according to listings on the Dark Horse site, spotted by Kotaku. The tome will be called Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and other Steam-Powered Stories, and will contain all of the promotional comics Valve have released online over the last year or so, including Left 4 Dead comic, The Sacrifice, the recent Portal 2 comic, and the excellent Team Fortress 2 shorts. The collection will cost $29.99 and is out on November 16. You'll find the cover art below, click to view it full size.

New Team Fortress 2 Engineer comic

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Valve have just put up a new chapter of the ongoing comic saga that's been accompanying the more recent class updates. And it's about the Engineer, the only class who hasn't had an update yet. Well, I'm out of theories.

The comic does shed some light on the recently discovered Golden Wrench, though. It explains that TF2's radically advanced technology stems from a gold-like mineral called Australium. The end of the comic suggests this material is also the source for a new set of weapons the Engy is about to build, so an Australium Wrench would explain a lot.