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Killing Floor free on Steam this weekend, Twisted Christmas event adds new weapons

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The rather good co-op survival shooter, Killing Floor, will be free to play on Steam from this Thursday through Sunday, giving everyone a chance to try out the new goodies added by this year's Twisted Christmas event. I hope you enjoy nightmares about six foot tall gingerbread men with a taste for human flesh, because Killing Floor will throw hordes of them at your face on the new Ice Cave map.

The event will also give you the chance to shoot Christmas in the face with new weapons, including a vintage revolver, automatic shotgun, a huge sword and a powerful Husk cannon. Find out more on the official Twisted Christmas page (warning: contains large image of nightmarish gingerbread man). The event starts today, and will run until January 4.

Syndicate trailer and screenshots show four player co-op mode

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The four player co-op missions in Starbreeze's new shooter are as close as we'll get to the death squads that we commanded all those years ago in the original Syndicate. See the co-op mode in action in the new Syndicate trailer above, spotted on Blue's News. The gleaming future world that Starbreeze envisage is a lot brighter and ... bluer than the dark streets of Bullfrog's game of strategic, corporate murder. See more of Syndicate's shiny environments in the 11 screenshots below.

Payday: The Heist slightly delayed, trailer steals a man from a bridge

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So far in Payday, we've mostly seen the chuckle brothers stealing gold from bank vaults. The mission shown in the latest trailer replaces the gold with a valuable prisoner, the bank vaults with police security vans, and the old fashioned getaway car with a balloon and a seaplane. It goes to show that hardened criminals are a mad sort, and not especially punctual either. Payday: The Heist has been slightly delayed. Overkill say it's "a move to ensure players and fans of our promise and vision to produce high-caliber games that deliver the best quality game experience."

We'll get to tell civilians to GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR later this month when Payday goes on sale at £14.95 / $19.99, and can be pre-ordered now on Steam and Direct2Drive. Check out our Payday: The Heist preview for an insight into the mind of a clown gone bad.

Payday: The Heist screenshots send in the clowns

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Did you ever hear the one about the four clowns who walked into an abattoir? No, you didn't, because crime is a VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS. Nine new screenshots have landed showing the Slaughter map, abandoning your traditional marbled bank vaults in favour of an icy slaughterhouse. In between the hanging carcasses, someone has hidden several safes full of gold, for no obvious reason, but that hardly matters. Where there's gold, there'a s posse of clowns somewhere who'll try and steal it.

Payday's four-man co-op squad vs. hordes of cops framework invites comparisons to Left 4 Dead, and with good reason. Instead of safe rooms, bank vaults are the objective, and instead of hordes of undead, waves of armed policemen are the fodder, but for all the similarities Payday has its own raucous attitude and sweary sense of fun that makes it an exciting prospect. It was one of Tim's favourite games of E3 this year. Check out his Payday: The Heist impressions to find out why, and see the new screens below.

Rage trailer rides shotgun with first co-op footage

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[bcvideo id="1149387902001"]
Rage won't be entirely playable in co-op, but there will be a series of missions running alongside the main story called "Legends of the Wasteland." When we spoke to id senior producer Jason Kim, he told us that "you’re doing the same mechanics you had in your first FPS combat experience, but you’re using a buddy to help you out, and the cooperative experience is telling you side-portions of the single-player campaign that you wouldn’t [otherwise get.]" Also, you get to revive your friends with some sort of electric defibrilator canister that looks scarier than some of the weapons. Rage is out in less than a month, on October 4 in the US, and October 7 in Europe.

Borderlands 2 Gamescom demo live stream is go

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We previously mentioned that Gearbox would be showing Borderlands 2 to the world through a Gamescom livestream. That live stream is broadcasting right now on the 2K uStream. Three men are sitting on a couch talking at the moment, but hopefully there we'll get to see some in-game footage soon. Until then you can always bring up the Gamescom Borderlands 2 screenshots and wobble them around a bit to simulate movement.

Update: Aaaand it's over ... that was quick.

Aliens: Colonial Marines screenshots show facehugger infestation and alien lair

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Are you a fan of creepy crawly things that exist to leap at your face and impregnate you with alien spawn? Come right in and have a seat, we've got a lovely image of a small swarm of them plastered across a window, freshly hatched from the Gamescom showing of Aliens: Colonial Marines. It's a job for a flamethrower if ever I saw one. See that and four other new screenshots below.

Borderlands 2 trailer shows Gunzerker in action

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[bcvideo id="1111760912001"]
The Gunzerker is one of the four new playable characters of Borderlands 2. The first teaser trailer shows him using his special power, the power of being insane enough to fire two enormous weapons at the same time without shooting himself or breaking all those bones in his arms. There's something else surprising about the video: snow! That should be a nice change from Borderland's endless deserts. Borderlands 2 is scheduled for release in the second half of 2012. Gearbox will be streaming their Gamescom demo live on the 2K site on Friday.

Borderlands 2 will have new playable characters and weapons

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The playable heroes of Borderlands 1 will return for Borderlands 2, but only as NPC characters. Game Informer reveals that we'll be taking charge of four completely new heroes when the sequel is released next year.

Gearbox have also decided to scrap all of the weapons from Borderlands 1. The randomly generated guns of the first game gave rise to thousands of mad scope/ammo/manufacturer combinations. New manufacturers will bring their own visual twists to each weapon, and players will now be able to add custom decals and enhancements to their favourite pieces.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will have new breeds of alien, gauntlet sections and heroic last stands

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Aliens: Colonial Marines aims to deliver the definitive Aliens co-op survival experience, but Gearbox are keen to try and ensure that it doesn't turn into a mindless xeno-blaster. As revealed in our six page preview in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, Gearbox have taken cues from Half Life 2 and Left 4 Dead to ensure that Aliens: Colonial Marines is "at times a tactical shooter, at times survival horror, at times adventure and exploration." New gadgets and weapons give marine teams plenty of choice when setting up defences, but players will have to deal with new, never-before-seen breeds of alien.