Splinter Cell designer and Far Cry 2 director Clint Hocking moves to Valve

Tom Senior at

Clint Hocking tweeted recently to announce that he was leaving his creative director post at Lucasarts to "work on something new" saying that he'd "let the world know where I am going once I get there." He did just that last night with a tweeted snapshot of his son climbing over one of the great big valves that are dotted around Valve's Seattle headquarters.

Before Lucasarts, Hocking spent nine years at Ubisoft. He worked on the original Splinter Cell as a level designer, returned as lead level designer on Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and then acted as creative director for Far Cry 2. All great games. After two years working on unannounced projects at Lucasarts, he's taking his expertise to Valve.