Age of Mythology: Extended Edition launches today on Steam

Patrick Carlson at

It's been just over two months since Age of Mythology: Extended Edition was cheekily announced by an alpaca hand puppet during an Age of Empires 2: HD Edition developer live stream. Yes, this is how classic games are brought back into the world. AoM: EE goes live on Steam today and brings with it the original's Titan expansion campaign as well as a host of other tweaks and upgrades under the hood.

Syndicate coming to Good Old Games this Thursday

Tom Senior at

The original Syndicate will get a new lease of life this Thursday with a release on Good Old Games. For $5.99, you'll get a classic slice of gaming history. New players will get to explore the grim, cyberpunk world that inspired the shiny gatling guns and mind-hacking shenanigans of the Starbreeze Syndicate. Those with fond memories of the original can be transported back to a time when Bullfrog couldn't stop making great games, to discover just how brutal Syndicate could be.

Syndicate was released in 1993, just before PC Gamer issue 1, but we did review the re-issue in PCG 31, giving it a thoroughly respectable 89% (Also reviewed: Theme Park - 85%! Settlers 2 -89%! Deep Space 9: Harbinger - 45% :( ). Good Old Games are also running a competition to win a copy for free, find out more on the Good Old Games site.

Crap Shoot: Alter Ego

Richard Cobbett at

Richard Cobbett reminds you that life is worth living, and there's always someone worse off than yourself. If not, you can create one of them to torture into an early grave in this life simulator from Hell.

Life is pain. Anyone who tells you differently never played Alter Ego. You know how most games are built around fantasy, high-adventure and living the life you wish you had? Alter Ego is like being psychoanalysed by your evil mother-in-law, who shows up out of nowhere to spend an afternoon driving you to suicide, literally drives you to the nearest cliff, and then, just when you're about to leap into the embrace of the jagged rocks below, calls over: "Wait! Have you thought what this will do to your parents?"

"Actually, never mind," she adds. "You were an accidental ejaculation anyway."