Druid class revealed for Dungeons & Dragons Online

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I rolled a druid the very first time I ever played the pen-and-paper classic Dungeons & Dragons. I didn't get to shapeshift like these fancypants druids you see in games nowadays, but I did manage to save my group by streaking through a bug bear camp to divert the enemy's attention. The druid class is finally coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online in the Menace of the Underdark expansion, releasing on June 25th. I'm already taking my clothes off in preparation for any dangers my group may encounter.

Tribes: Ascend Juggernaut class highlight

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Associate Editor Chris Antista and I sit down to talk about the beefiest force in Tribes, the mighty Juggernaut. This powerhouse of a class touts Super AP grenades and the Spinfusor MKD. The real demolition starts when I wield the fear-inducing Fusion Mortar, the Jugger's bread and butter of destruction. Watch as I delve into the action and illustrate why the Juggernaut is the thinking player's tool of carnage.