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Halloween descends upon your favorite MMOs: spooky stuff you can play this weekend

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Halloween is a time for many things. Candy, costumes, vandalism, paganism - you know, wholesome stuff. But Halloween also has its darker side. That's right: MMORPGs - perhaps the most evil, life-devouring game genre in existence. So clearly, it only makes sense that all of them would... OK, I'm done trying to make sense of this.

For some reason, MMOs take to Halloween like machete-wielding psychopaths to teenagers on camping trips. Why? Who knows? But it's stupidly fun, and you get to punch zombies in a videogame. That, like, almost never happens. Find out what the likes of WoW, Rift, World of Tanks, DC Universe, and many more are up to this Halloween after the break.

City of Heroes players to assemble at real-life Summit

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City of Heroes developer Paragon Studios have always been player-orientated, holding numerous player gatherings in the past. However, with the launch of the game's new business model and Free-to-Play mode, the company want to do something with a little more scale. Massively are reporting that they intend to hold a City of Heroes Player Summit; something much more than just a little gathering.

Heroes players can assemble for the Summit on November 19 in Palo Alto, California. If you're a fan of the super-hero MMO and fancy the journey over to America's west coast, you can expect to find a venue where you can chat with the developers, attend panels and pick up some CoH merch. Little more information than that has been revealed, but keep an eye on the City of Heroes website if you think this is the event for you.

City of Heroes goes free to play with new update

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Superhero-themed MMO City of Heroes goes free to play today with the launch of City of Heroes Freedom, which lets players play up to level 50 free of charge, buying content a la carte rather than paying a monthly subscription fee. A new content expansion, Issue 21: Convergence, unveils an entirely new zone and a bevy of new content. NCSoft and Paragon studios also promise monthly "Signature Story Arcs" that let players take part in world events and the ongoing superhero strife that shapes them.

"We aren't just flipping a switch and going 'free-to-play,'" explains executive producer Brian Clayton. "We're embarking on the biggest content and feature update to City of Heroes in its seven-year history."

City of Heroes subscribers get early access to Freedom update

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City of Heroes is going free to play later this year with the launch of the massive Freedom update. Now NCSoft and Paragon Studios have announced that they will be giving current subscribers early access, starting today.

Current players have access to the new in-game store and the new First Ward area. The head start program will also feature a number of events, with the developers promising costume competitions and a live alien invasion by the forces of Hamidon and Praetoria.

The full update will go live later this year, marking City of Heroes' transition to a free to play game.

City of Heroes Dev Diary: Rogues gallery

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In the last installment of the City of Heroes dev diary, we got a look at the massive monsters of the First Ward zone, which demand a entire super-team of players to take down. But what about the mobs you'll face throughout the area on your own? Here's Gilbert Martinez, CoH's art lead, with the inside scoop on the new villain groups of the First Ward, complete with mutated psychic-tumor women and freaky, masked carnies.

City of Heroes Dev Diary: First Ward concept art

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PC Gamer routinely features Developer Diaries: tales of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the development studios making your favorite games. In this entry, City of Heroes' Art Lead, Gilbert Martinez, explains the concepts behind some of the zone's art . We hope you enjoy this exclusive look into City of Heroes' art design and let us know what you’d like to see developers discuss in future diaries in the comments.

City of Heroes: Freedom will use "staged download" system

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City of Heroes is going free to play later this year. As well as the massive update that's due to hit, Paragon are releasing some new technology which will download updates as you play. "We sort of have a staged downloading system now," said producer Brian Clayton.

"So you’ll jump into the character creator first and as you’re going through and setting up your character the entry level zones will then download in the background. Once those download in the background it downloads the rest of the game."

The new system will launch alongside City of Heroes: Freedom later this year, with the aim of making it more accessible for new player: "Our hope is that a new player for the very first time that wants to try out City of Heroes is in the game within five minutes." Clayton said.

City of Heroes: Freedom screens and details

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As we reported earlier on today, City of Heroes is going free to play later this year. It will also be releasing its issue 21 update, described by producer Brian Clayton as: "Some of the best content we’ve introduced into the game."

Details and screens of the new areas are within.

City of Heroes goes free-to-play

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Veteran MMO City of Heroes has announced that it will move to a free to play model later this year, coinciding with their Issue 21 update. The new model will see current subscribers known as 'VIP players' while others play for free, with micro transactions integrated through an in-game store.

Details within.

Giveaway: Venture back to the 1800s with the City of Heroes Steampunk Pack!

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The future is so passé. Nowadays, all the cool kids go retro, decked out in inventor's goggles with dashing wardrobes, and sporting catchphrases like "Ratherrr!" and "I say, old bean!"

City of Heroes (and City of Villains, for that matter) won't let trippy anime or Rise of Legends have all the steampunk fun—they've unleashed the Steampunk Pack on the world of superpowered individuals, complete with snappy new costumes, powers, auras, and emotes. Want to see the glory of low-tech fashion for free? Read on to see how you can win the pack and join your fellow Victorian-era allies!

City of Heroes hits 7th anniversary, releases data on player behavior in fun infographic form

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42 million characters have been created in City of Heroes since it launched in 2004. Scrapper are the richest characters in-game, on average. It would take over 3,900 days to play all of the content in the game, including player-created missions.

Knowledge is power, and we just made you three parts stronger. You can thank us later. Of course, if you crave more data about City of Heroes (subsequently increasing your overall power in a general, abstract sense), you'll want to check out the infographic below. City of Heroes is turning 7 next month, and NCSoft put together this collection of data bytes about CoH's statistics and player behavior to celebrate it.

City of Heroes' Incarnate Trials: two weeks later

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City of Heroes launched the game's first series of large-scale raids, called Incarnate Trials, just two weeks ago. We sat down with Nate Birkholz, City of Heroes' Lead Producer at Paragon Studios to talk about what the dev team has learned so far, what's worked well and what hasn't, and how the players have responded to the new addition.

Issue 20 launches, brings raiding endgame to City of Heroes

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City of Heroes has been the patron saint of Superhero sim fans for the last seven years, providing them a safe haven to create new heroes or villains , develop elaborate backstories and experience the life of a masked crusader (for good or evil) in a mature environment since 2004. Cryptic (the original developers) and Paragon (currently in charge) have injected a lot of content into the game in the past seven years, but one thing that neither developer added to the game, before today, was raids. With today's big expansion, Issue 20, Paragon introduces the endgame staple of MMORPGs to CoH, with a few unique twists to make their own stand out.

City of Heroes Animal Pack Giveaway

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Capes and masks are overrated. Too few superheroes and villains sport giant horns, flowing manes or blood-encrusted hoofs capable of smashing skulls. The animal kingdom is a terrifying place (don't believe me? Just imagine how many deadly spiders have crawled across your sleeping body at night), and it's about to be unleashed in City of Heroes, via the latest Animal Pack.

Contest: The pack is released tomorrow, and we'll be giving away 20 copies as soon as it launches--read on to find out how you can win!

City of Heroes gets invasion in Issue 19: Alpha Strike

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The Praetorian invasion has kicked off in City of Heroes with the arrival of Issue 19: Alpha Strike. The free update will add a series of new missions for level 20 players, as well as new animations for many superpowers and free respec tokens for everyone. Read on for more details.

The best events in MMOs this Halloween

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Halloween is fast approaching, the spirits are getting restless and trick or treaters are preparing to walk the earth in search of sweets. It doesn't matter how good their costumes are, they're not going to be able to compete with some of the Halloween events happening in the gaming world. Guild Wars, Aion, City of Heroes and Global Agenda are all running special Halloween events. Read on for an overview of the horrors that lie in store.

What are devs doing on Going Rogue launch day?

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City of Heroes' latest expansion finally launches today! We've been talking with the developers over the past couple months to get the inside scoop on how they put the expansion together and and giving you a look into their processes. They've been working like crazy to get to this day, when players can finally play all their new content. So how are they feeling now? What are they going to do first in the game? And which of them are dastardly villains in disguise? We check in with them to find out all this and more!

Giveaway: We're giving away 10 mutant booster pack codes to CoH fans that tell us an anecdote from their time spent playing GR so far or what they're doing first when they get to play the GR expansion. The codes require that you have an existing account and winners will be picked tomorrow.

Dev Diary: City of Heroes' Mutant Pack

Josh Augustine at routinely features Developer Diaries: tales of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the development studios making your favorite games. This Dev Diary is titled "The Making Of: Super Booster V: Mutation" and was written by David Nakayama, City of Heroes' Art Lead and Floyd Grubb, Sr. Powers Designer.

We're celebrating the launch of the Mutant Pack by giving away 10 copies to our readers! Tell us who your favorite super mutant is and why in the comments and we'll send codes to our favorite ones today. Anyone that doesn't win can purchase the pack here.

UPDATE: Winners announced in the comments below! Thanks to everyone that participated.