Child of Light

Child of Light review

Andy Kelly at

Aurora doesn’t so much swing her sword at enemies as heave it into the air and drop it on them. It’s bigger than her. But despite her size and this unwieldy weapon, the fate of Lemuria, a hand-painted fairytale world, rests on her tiny shoulders. It’s an RPG in the Japanese mould, with elemental turn-based combat and party management. Even the battle music is pure Nobuo Uematsu.

Child of Light trailer shows gorgeous watercolour wonderland

Tom Senior at

Sidescrolling RPG, Child of Light, is looking extremely pretty, which isn't surprising considering the fact it's built on the powerful UbiArt tools Ubisoft used to make the modern Rayman games. This time the developers, led by Far Cry 3 director Patrick Plourde, are drawing aesthetic inspiration from Final Fantasy and Vagrant story to create a washed-out watercolour ambiance for the fantasy world of Lemuria.

Child of Light gameplay video shows exploration, combat and poetry

Ian Birnbaum at

Child of Light is an impressively ambitious game, a sidescrolling fairytale world of exploration that suddenly slams into a traditional Japanese RPG structure at the first hint of combat. Tyler got to take a look and described it as such, but it’s not until you watch it in action that you see how big a jump it really is. A new video walkthrough with lead designer Brianna Code accomplishes just that, showing us the floaty world of puzzles and mystery.

Child of Light announced by Ubisoft: a painterly homage to JRPGs

Phil Savage at

Continuing with the Ubi announcements, Child of Light is the last dribble of PC relevant news to come out of Digital Days event. Like Valiant Hearts, it's based on the UbiArt framework, only instead of a dog, this JRPG homage promises "vile wolves". I'd imagine they're much less pettable. It's being created by Patrick Plourde, the creative director of Far Cry 3, and if the trailer is anything to go by, this game will be much lighter on the tigers, drug fields and hallucinatory disco knife fights.