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AMD Catalyst 13.8 beta drivers ditch multi-GPU micro-stutter

Dave James at

Good news for anyone who's experienced the micro-stutter you can get from multi-GPU set-ups, AMD claim to have killed it completely in Crossfire scenarios with their latest Catalyst 13.8 beta drivers.

Micro-stuttering - if you've never encountered this foul effect - is frame rendering delay that occurs despite high average frame rates. Each frame in a sequence is rendered alternately by the connected GPUs and the juddering occurs because there can be variance between how long it takes for a given frame to be delivered. It occurs more frequently in CrossFire than SLI and, curiously, the effect is negated if you add a third GPU to the mix. Have the 13.9 drivers successfully banished micro-stuttering? If you're thinking "the answer had better involve some graphs" then prepare to not be disappointed.

Rage getting kinder with new drivers

Rob Zacny at

New AMD drivers should solves the worst problems that made the game effectively unplayable for PC gamers running AMD's family of graphics cards. "Playable" is faint praise for a PC release, but it's a big improvement from where Rage was yesterday. We tested the new drivers and saw a big improvement.

AMD card owners who have had trouble with Rage should get the latest drivers right away. They can install it following these steps.

A glimpse of rivers in the Minecraft Adventure Update

Tom Senior at

We're starting to think we should set up some sort of alarm signal so we know when Notch tweets an awesome new Minecraft image, perhaps a Batman style spotlight, but with a silhouette Notch's top hat instead of a bat.

Anyway, rivers! That's the subject of the latest picture, which shows a lovely shot of one coiling through some mountains. Here's the full version "Ok, rivers are working." tweets Notch. "I'm knee deep in this code now, and I'm getting scared. I think I need coffee."

Rivers are one of the many, many features that are being gradually added to the Adventure Update. Other additions include the sinister Endermen, an XP system and NPC villages. Hopefully it will also include the dramatic underground ravines that Notch has previously teased. There's no release date for the Adventure Update just yet.

Rid yourself of troublesome Catalyst drivers

Adam Oxford at

If you've recently bought yourself a new AMD Radeon graphics card, or updated the drivers for an existing one, you might be familiar with this problem: when you try to install a new version of the Catalyst driver suite, the progress bar hangs about a quarter of the way through for anything up to 15 minutes or so and then presents you with an error stating that the installation has failed.

I've had this problem present itself itself on several different systems in recent months - I thought it was as a result of doing lots of driver upgrades/card swaps for various features, but it turns out to be pretty common. Especially with any of the drivers from the 11 series.