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Stronghold Crusader 2 trailer has a vendetta against castles, shows off Skirmish mode

Tom Sykes at

Stronghold Crusader 2 - Firefly Studios' Holy Land-set castle-building, castle-maintaining and castle-sploding RTS sequel - is due out this summer, and will hopefully arrive in a better state than the shambolic Stronghold 3. This new trailer offers a flaming, besieged look at the game's Skirmish mode, which will let you play co-operatively or in rival teams online. Providing you can breach our defences, make sure you have a watch of it after the break.

King Arthur's Gold enters beta, brings shark riding to Medieval war gaming

Patrick Carlson at

2D war game King Arthur's Gold has entered its beta phase, boosting considerably its castle-building, ballista-slinging quotient. The multiplayer indie game by developer Transhuman Design looks to be filled out nicely with catapults, sword duels, and of course, bison taming.

Citadels, a new medieval RTS in the age of Arthur

Patrick Carlson at

Citadels offers up a provocative question: Do you defend king and country or join the men who want to destroy it all? The single-player RTS set in the world of Arthurian knights was launched yesterday by Slovakian studio Games Distillery and promises a look at both sides of the legend, according to a press release from publisher bitComposer Games.