Case mod

Use your harpoons and tow cables... AT-AT case mod is too strong for blasters

Adam Oxford at

Stand by Echo Group, possibly best Star Wars themed case mod ever is targeting the power generators. Courtesy of hardware hacker Asphiax, it's a fully functioning battlestation built inside an AT-AT.

Pop open the side of this magnificent mod and there's a fully water cooled mini-ITX PC, with a Core i7 2600K CPU and a Radeon HD6870 inside. Which means it's more than capable of playing SW:TOR, for example and far more interesting than almost anything else to have featured in the Star Wars canon lately.

It even has remote controlled ion cannons on the front.

A PC case that's also an aquarium

Jaz McDougall at

Reddit user sirleechalot has build a PC in a fish tank full of mineral oil, with a Big Daddy and bubbles and gravel and everything. It's just a media PC that probably couldn't actually run Bioshock (it might be able to hand Aquaria), but it's still gorgeous.

All hail the giant Dreadnought case mod

Jaz McDougall at

I have seen a computer with an autobot face that read out the BIOS in a robo-voice once, but I've never seen a case mod that was bigger than my desk, and with more guns than my gun desk. Introducing the only Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Dreadnought that can actually run Dawn of War: