Cardinal Quest

IndieFort Bundle: create your own package deal from a list of 24 games

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The IndieFort Bundle over at GamersGate is a buffet of indie games with multiple package tiers to satisfy big and small appetites. Purchasers can select any combination of three, six, or nine purchases from a list of 24 charmingly-titled games, such as Zombie Football Carnage, Devil Whiskey, and Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers.

Cardinal Quest is free for a day

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Turn up the volume and click play. That's how all video games should sound.

Cardinal Quest - the roguelike from Ido Yehieli - is free to download today. It normally costs $4.45/£2.87. To download use the code and URL Ido tweeted earlier today. Feeling short on bandwidth or hard drive space? Try out a demo version of Cardinal Quest on Kongregate or Ido's own site.

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