Call to Arms

Call to Arms, the "true successor" to Men of War, starts funding drive

Phil Savage at

DigitalMindSoft, the co-developers of the Men of War series, have announced what they are calling its "true successor," Call to Arms. As is tradition for developers who have spent too long wandering the grim battlefields of World War 2, this time they're taking a trip to the present.

"Like you, we fought countless battles across Europe," they write, hopefully referring to their previous game, "but time stops for no man and change is coming. The era of modern warfare has begun!"

Community Guide: League of Legends' Tristana

Andrew Beck at

For the past week, the PC Gamer community focused their attention on playing League of Legends’ Tristana. We found camaraderie in the PC Gamer chatroom in LoL, with over fifty players at any given time meeting together and arranging teams for epic clashes. The only rule: someone on each team had to play Tristana. Readers and writers laid their best skills on the field of battle, and walked away with bitter shame or glorious honor. The conflicts ended in everything from narrow victories to complete crushings, but GG, they were fun!

Call to Arms: League of Legends' Tristana [come play with us!]

Andrew Beck at

We periodically host Call to Arms events that rally the entire PC Gamer community behind a single MOBA character for a full week of sweet, sweet gaming bliss. Our goal is to have fun and put our collective heads together to develop a community strategy guide for that particular character. This week, we're making it super accessible by choosing League of Legends' Tristana, who's free to play this week. Join us, and share in the glory by downloading League of Legend's client for free here.

Tristana – The Megling Gunner
Rocket-jumping is a time-honored, well-loved PC gaming tradition. For years, we've launched ourselves to the heavens with a fiery explosion and fired rockets mid-air at unsuspecting enemies during its sacred ritual. Enemies stand in awe as we rain death upon them from on high. Whether you mastered the skill in Quake or struggled with the timing as a Soldier in Team Fortress 2, now is your time to shine! Rocket-jumping isn't just for FPSes anymore--you can find that same addictive joy in League of Legends.