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Bundle Stars' new bundle offers all FEAR games for cheap

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FEAR, (also known as First Encounter Assault Recon, also known as Jump-Kick Simulator 2005,) is the subject of a new bundle. For the next 17 days, you can cheaply acquire Fear, its expansions, Fear 2, its DLC pack, and F3AR, (also known as First, Er, Third Assault Recon? Also known as No Seriously, Why Is There A Three There? It Hurts To Look At It.)

Last chance: we're giving away a five-game Steam bundle, with Bundle Stars

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Our five-week, five-million-key giveaway has come to an end. Here's the thing: we've still got some Steam keys left over. This, then, is Giveaway Redux. Over the next few days, you have one final chance to grab a bundle of five games. That's $40 of entertainment, for free. If you missed any of our featured games from the last five weeks—SpaceChem, Dino D-Day, Really Big Sky, Gun Monkeys or GTR Evolution—they're all now back, and available to claim just one last time. Head below for this final set of free Steam keys.

You have one day to claim your free Steam key for Gun Monkeys

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Week four of our huge Steam key giveaway bonanza is drawing to a close, but don't fret if you've not yet claimed your free copy of Gun Monkeys, you have until 4PM BST tomorrow to grab one here and enjoy some explosive one-on-one monkey vs. monkey action. When the clock strikes four, we'll go live with the final deal in our five-week, five million Steam Key giveaway. It's been emotional.

You have one day to grab a free Steam key for Really Big Sky

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As you'll note from the screenshot above, Really Big Sky has an exciting ratio of exploding space to non-exploding space. As a roaming spaceship, you spray globs of super-heated plasma like a brachiosaurus trapped in an infinite sneeze, dousing the enemies of man in neon spew until they explode. It's a fast-paced, twin-stick arcade shooter with procedurally generated levels that occasionally lets you drill through entire planets to pick up powerups lodged in their mantle. Fancy getting the whole game for free? You have just under twenty-four hours, captain. Grab your key here.

You have one day to grab a free Steam key for Dino D-Day, new giveaway tomorrow

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Our huge five-week multi-million Bundle Stars Steam key giveaway rumbles gloriously onwards. Tomorrow at 5PM BST we'll be giving away a new game, which gives you one last day to grab the amusing World War 2 dinosaurs vs. allied forces World War 2 shooter, Dino D-Day. You get to play as a T-Rex, or a velociraptor fighting on the side of axis forces. It's something you should experience at least once, so grab a free Steam key while you still can.

One day left to grab your free copy of SpaceChem, new free game tomorrow

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Hundreds of thousands have already claimed their Steam key for the excellent puzzle game, SpaceChem. A quick reminder for those who haven't, you have until tomorrow at 5PM UK time to get your free key here. As mentioned, we'll be changing up the giveaway every Wednesday, which means we'll have a million Steam keys for a new game to give away tomorrow. I can't say what it'll be yet, but I can say it has dinosaurs in it.

We have one million SpaceChem Steam keys to give away, with Bundle Stars

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UPDATE: Our next giveaway, for Dino D-Day, is live here.

SpaceChem is a puzzle game about building factories to create increasingly complex molecules. It's clever, absorbing, and a great way to test your logical reasoning power. We enjoyed its cerebral charms so much it earned a score of 89 in our review. Now we're teaming up with Bundle Stars to give you SpaceChem for free. We have a million copies to give away, so don't be shy, click through to grab your Steam key.

We're giving away five million Steam keys in five weeks, with Bundle Stars

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Later today a million visitors to PCGamer.com with an eligible Steam account can get a free Steam key. We're giving away five games in the next five weeks, each available for seven days before being replaced, with a million Steam keys up for grabs every time.

Zachtronics Industries' SpaceChem will be our first giveaway. We gave this excellent puzzle game a score of 89 when it was released, and you can grab yourself a copy at 4PM BST today. A different free game from Bundle Stars will follow on each subsequent Wednesday, and you can expect a lot of variety from the lineup.

We have 100,000 copies of Pid to give away, with Bundle Stars

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Pid is a charming platform puzzler about a boy called Kurt, stranded on a strange planet full of robots and gadgets that let him manipulate gravity—extremely useful when you're trapped in a maze of pastel-coloured jumping puzzles. We have 100,000 Steam codes to give away for Might & Delight's cheerful adventure, worth £7 / $10 apiece. Read on to find out how to claim yours.

Men of War complete catalogue gets bundled up and sold for cheap

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Here's another casualty in the internet's extended and ferocious war on prices. Bundle Stars, one of the many hundred financial death squads that roam the digital battlefield, have rounded up the Men of Wars and are holding them to ransom. Of course, because they're a bundle seller, that ransom is exceedingly reasonable, and gets you every game in the RTS series and their collective DLCs.

Bundle Stars deal offers classic strategy games

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I know people are still collecting cans, doing odd jobs and taking out bank loans to replenish the void the recent Steam sale left in everyone’s wallet, so don’t start throwing nickels at me when I tell you there’s yet another sale of video games elsewhere. You’ll need those nickels for the sale.