Battlefield 4 "death shield" bug discovered, causes projectiles to bounce off invisible walls

Phil Savage at

A previously undiscovered bug has been exposed in Battlefield 4, and it could be responsible for some of the game's more frustrating moments. The "death shield" is an invisible wall that extends from downed (but not dead) players. As they lie there, waiting for a revive, the 'shield' blocks all incoming projectiles—even bouncing them back to damage your soldier. It's another blow for a game that's already had more than its share of problems. On the plus side, I can now pretend like my own incompetence is really the result of a bug.

Deadly Premonition PC port locked at 720p, but there's a fix

Perry Vandell at

A while back, the murder mystery known as Deadly Premonition made its way over the Steam Greenlight hurdle, shedding its console-exclusivity for the nice little home on the personal computer. Whether from lack of resources or an effort to make Deadly Premonition's mystery even more obfuscated, the game's resolution has unfortunately been locked to 720p. Thankfully, the modder  who created the practically-required DSfix for Dark Souls (and goes by Durante) has made a mod to break Deadly Premoniton's resolution lock.